Southern Charm: Chip Limehouse ‘affair with mistress and baby mama Melissa Mims’ highlighted

Chip Limehouse affair
Chip Limehouse’s reported affair was discussed on Southern Charm Season 6 Episode 2. Pic credit: @chiplimehouse/Instagram

Eliza Limehouse opened up about her personal life on Season 6 Episode 2 of Southern Charm, which aired on Bravo last night. Eliza revealed that her parents’ divorce had been tough on her, and then shared that it was her father’s reported affair that tore her parents apart.

Eliza’s father is a former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives. As she pointed out on the show, her family has been involved with local politics for generations and the Limehouse name is well-known around Charleston.

Back in the spring of 2016, a report surfaced that Eliza’s mother Susan Limehouse had filed for divorce from Chip on the grounds of adultery, but within 24 hours of the divorce filing, a motion was filed to keep the information within private.

Later in August 2016, it was reported that Chip had not only cheated on his wife, but there was also an “issue of paternity,” which suggested that there was an alleged love child involved in the matter.

In May 2017, Eliza posted photos of a little girl on her Instagram page, which included a photo of her posing with both her father and mother. In one photo, she used the hashtag, #sistasista.

The photos were reportedly posted on Mother’s Day, but the young child’s mother was nowhere in sight. Just a few days later, Chip’s mistress was identified by FitsNews as allegedly being Melissa Mims of Aiken, South Carolina.

Mims’ friends were reportedly furious that Eliza would post photos of herself with the child on social media, especially since she had appeared on Southern Charm a few times. FitsNews reported at the time that Mims’ friends saw the postings as being “exploitation” of the young girl.

While Melissa doesn’t appear to want to talk about the alleged affair or her and Chip’s alleged love child, her supporters want her name out there so she can defend herself, her child, and tell her side of the story.

“I’m not going to stop you,” she is said to have told FitsNews when they reached out to her to comment on the reported affair with Chip. “But I’m still not going to talk to you.”

Chip appears to be proud of his little girl, as he’s often posting photos of her on his own Instagram account.

To this day, it appears that Melissa Mims prefers to stay out of the spotlight. If Mims didn’t appreciate her daughter being on Eliza’s Instagram post, it’s possible she won’t like being identified on Southern Charm as Chip’s alleged mistress and baby mama.

Chip, who focused on family values while he was a representative, was a role model for his daughter Eliza. On Southern Charm, Eliza revealed that her father’s reported affair changed a lot of things for her, after looking up to him for so many years.

Chip’s actions have allegedly tarnished the family name and she has apparently had to rebuild her social status in Charleston after not being invited to events anymore.

Southern Charm airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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