Sonnet James on Shark Tank: The dress for busy moms

Sonnet James
Sonnet James pitches on Shark Tank on Sunday. Pic credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Sonnet James will present the mom dress during Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. The idea behind the mom dress is that moms are often just focusing on their kids, getting them ready for school or daycare, while neglecting themselves.

The dress is perfect for moms who just want to slip on something easy and feel beautiful. The designer behind the dress is Whitney Lundeen, who wanted to wear something practical, comfortable, and fashionable while chasing two boys around.

She is a single mom, who wanted to produce something that could not only work for her, but also be a business venture to support her kids.

With a growing audience in the mommy blogging community, Whitney took on a challenge from her brother to sell 100 dresses in the first year. After sharing the link to her dress, she had sold 150 dresses within the first few days.

She launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund more dresses, asking for $48,000. Within the month, she had 628 backers and had $58,245.

The dress is super durable and flexible. The dress is made from a four-way stretch modal spandex. It’s super easy to clean, which is a must for moms of small kids.

The dresses are made in the United States, more specifically in San Francisco. The fabric is from New York City and it’s printed in Los Angeles. Having American production is important to Whitney, as she wants to provide healthy and safe work environments for the people who are creating her clothes.

You can get your dress on the company’s website. You’ll find all kinds of dresses and designs. Some of them retail for $158.00, but you can find some for $128 and $138. The dresses come in various sizes, but the price is the same regardless of size.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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