Wild General Hospital rumor claims Kim isn’t really Oscar’s mom — So who is?

Oscar and Kim on General Hospital
Is Kim really Oscar’s mom?

Will General Hospital’s first brand new episode in September be a stunning blockbuster that reveals that the characters we’ve come to know aren’t really who they appear to be?!

Fans are speculating wildly online about last week’s Not a Friday Cliffhanger in which Oscar (Garren Stitt) all of a sudden clutched his chest and fell down with major spasms.

Is his life on the line? That would definitely qualify as an out of the wild-blue dramatic shock.

But no, this isn’t the case of a too-early demise for young Oscar. This speculation is even juicier: Oscar (and the fans) has no idea of who he really is!

Of course, not even he knows this bombshell truth, as it appears that his “mom” Kim (Tamara Braun) may have kept his real identity hidden from him his entire life.

If Kim isn’t mommy dearest, then who is, and why has she lied all these years? Well, we may be about to find out the answer to that million dollar ratings question, if Oscar is in real serious medical danger.

Because we all know that paternity secrets have a soapy, extra delicious way of coming out when we least expect them, like when a character has a sudden, major medical emergency. Tests need to be run, and wouldn’t you know it, the DNA doesn’t match up!

So, who might be Oscar’s mom? Would you believe that social media is reporting that Margaux the D.A. (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is the lucky one?

Yep, we know that the minx came to town with a big old agenda, which is slowly leaking out one secret at a time. Can you buy that she is Oscar’s biological mom, too?

It makes sense since she’s been up to all kinds of sneaky trickery, and coming to Port Chuck just to even the score with Sonny (Maurice Benard) isn’t all that—everyone wants to whack the Dimpled Don! There’s got to be more to her agenda than that; like claiming her long-lost son!

What if Kim wanted to hang on to a piece of Drew (Billy Miller) and lied about them being Oscar’s parents? It would make perfect sense as these two had just a fling back in the day, and he has no idea what happened afterward.

Kim is a doctor and it would be easy for her to engage in a black market baby adoption! Of course, this is all just speculation, but on soaps, we know to expect the unexpected!

Stay tuned folks, Tuesday’s episode of GH may bring with it more thrills and chills than the unpredictable autumn weather!

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