Why isn’t Jill on The Young and the Restless?

Jess Walton as Jill on Y&R
Jill is part of a pivotal storyline on Y&R but is not on screen. Pic credit: CBS

Jill Foster Abbott has been a staple on The Young and the Restless for decades, with the character causing trouble all over Genoa City.

Actress Brenda Dickson originated the role in 1973 but left in 1980. Deborah Adair, Bond Gideon, and Melinda O. Fee tried playing Jill back in the day.

However, Jess Walton will forever be Jill Abbott after playing the character for 37 years.

In the past few years, though, Jill’s on-screen appearances have been few and far between.

Despite still being a key player in Chancellor-Winters, Jill tends to surface via video chat these days.

Now, as the company is in shambles and Jill’s battling an illness off-screen, fans can’t help but wonder why Jill does not appear in Genoa City anymore.

Why isn’t Jill on The Young and the Restless?

The answer to that question is simple. Jess is retired and lives with her family in Oregon.

Even though she isn’t commuting to LA to play Jill, that doesn’t mean she has given up the character. The powers that be know Jill remains an important part of the hit CBS soap.

Allowing Jess to film via Zoom or FaceTime at least lets The Young and the Restless fans see her on-screen in some format. It also allows the writers to involve Jill in various storylines.

There have been instances, though, where Jess has agreed to film in person, such as the 50th anniversary special. Jess also returned in person when Jill’s arch-enemy Mamie (Veronica Redd) bought Victor’s (Eric Braeden) stake in Chancellor-Winters.

While it may not be what fans want having Jill not be on The Young and the Restless in person, it’s certainly better than not having Jill or Jess around at all. The only other option would be to recast the role; no one wants that!

Jess Walton celebrates 37 years as Jill Abbott on Y&R

On June 22, it was 37 years since Jess stepped into the role of Jill, forever changing her life and The Young and the Restless’s landscape.

Over on X (formerly Twitter), Y&R fans gave a shout-out to Jess on her special anniversary.

“In 1987 and 37 Years Ago, @JessWaltonYR made her debut as Jill on #YoungandtheRestless on this day RT and Like to show her love today. #SoapTwitter #YR (@YRInsider, @FrancoCNac),” read an X.

Another shared the first clip of Jess in the role, with the voice acknowledging that she was now playing Jill.

Jill may not be on The Young and the Restless all the time anymore, but she and Jess Walton will always be beloved. It’s a treat for fans to see the actress and character on-screen in any format.

The Young and the Restless airs on weekdays on CBS.

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Angela Lomax
Angela Lomax
2 days ago

Congratulations go out to Jess Walton for playing jill Foster Abbott for 37 years We love you Jess!