Who plays Brick on General Hospital?

Brick and Sonny on General Hospital
Brick and Sonny discuss business. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital often casts actors who are fans of the show or who have connections to the actors on the show. When the role of Brick was created, everything easily fell into place.

Who is Brick?

Brick (Stephen A. Smith) is the security adviser hired by Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). With his business, the mobster needs all of the latest gadgets to be able to stay ahead of potential threats. Brick uses his expertise to equip the coffee importer (read mobster) with everything he needs for any situation that may arise.

Who is Stephen A. Smith?

You may recognize Brick on General Hospital because of the actor who holds the role. Stephen A. Smith is a huge personality in the sports world. He has doled out expertise on various areas of sports and gained quite the following while doing it.

Stephen A. Smith appears on ESPN’s First Take sitting by Max Kellerman. The two have become favorites among many viewers. Sports is definitely one of Smith’s passion, but would you believe he has connections to the soap world too?

Aside from his obvious connection to Maurice Benard, Stephen A. Smith is also good friends with Eric Braeden from The Young and the Restless. Appearing on General Hospital has garnered him a lot of attention so could a trip to Genoa City be in the future for the ESPN native?

Brick appearances

There have been a handful of appearances for Stephen A. Smith on General Hospital. Yesterday was the most recent. Sonny called on his friend to help beef up the security system at the house because of Mike’s (Max Gail) fading memory.

He provided Sonny with upped security measures and a way for Mike to contact the people in his life without having to remember their names or phone numbers. There were only a few scenes, but Brick managed to compliment Carly (Laura Wright) over and over again.

Right now, it is unclear when the next Brick appearance will be but given the business Sonny is handling, fans aren’t expecting to wait too long.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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