Who killed Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Clint Howard as Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Someone killed Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful threw a curveball into the Tom (Clint Howard) storyline.

He’s dead after someone drugged his blue drink before he took the stage at Il Giardino.

Tom had just confronted Poppy (Romy Park) about being Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) father. He was adamant about being her father, so much so that it rattled Poppy.

Some other things at the event raised red flags, including the appearance of Jack (Ted King) and Justin (Aaron D. Spears), who have been off-screen for months.

Now that it’s been determined Tom died, and Finn (Tanner Novlan) disclosed to Deacon (Sean Kanan) it was a drug overdose, there are a few suspects.

So, who killed Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Was it Poppy?

While Poppy is the one who has all the motives, we don’t believe she is the one who ended Tom’s life.

Her reaction to learning he was dead appeared genuine, and she left Deacon’s apartment before Tom went down to start his show.

Poppy was shaken up enough to want Tom to leave her and Luna alone, but murder doesn’t appear to be something she’d resort to.

Could it have been Li?

Li (Naomi Matsuda) being at Il Giardino surprised everyone. She knows Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) works there, and after the scare she got in the hospital from the back-from-the-dead problem, we can’t see her just going there to have a drink.

She ran into Jack, and that was awkward. Li seemingly bolted out after that toast to Finn, leading her straight into Sheila.

However, she is a doctor and can access whatever was put into Tom’s blue drink. The perpetrator also wore gloves, but they were black instead of the blue or white medical gloves often seen at the hospital.

It’s possible Li helped Poppy with the DNA test and knew who Tom was, but would she resort to murder to protect a sister she seemingly hates?

Justin could have done it

The idea that Justin just showed up after months of not being on-screen raises several red flags.

Why would he want to hurt Tom, though? Perhaps he was protecting Dollar Bill (Don Diamont) or attempting to make things better with him.

Could he be in cahoots with Poppy?

Jack could be behind this

It was also a bit surprising to see Jack back on screen after he’d been missing for quite some time. He is Finn’s dad, but the two no longer have a relationship because of his lies surrounding his “adoption.”

Jack and Sheila had a relationship years ago, and perhaps she put him up to get rid of Tom. He was sniffing around her past while trying to protect Deacon.

Could he have killed Tom because he was blackmailed?

Don’t count out Sheila

Never count out Sheila. She is evil to the core and will destroy anything or anyone who gets in her way.

However, her one saving grace may be that she knew her husband cared deeply for Tom. And Finn was also grateful to him for helping to find Sheila, and she probably thought about that.

Sheila seemed to have made peace with Tom after he apologized, but she also noticed his preoccupation with Luna and Poppy.

It seems The Bold and the Beautiful will take us through a whodunnit throughout July sweeps. These options are possible, but we are leaning toward something outside the box as the obvious is often too easy in the soap world.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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13 days ago

I will not be surprise if Sheila kill him

13 hours ago

Poppy killed them. Tom knew Luna was his daughter and was going to tell Bill. Hollis was suspicious and knew Tom didn’t overdose. So Hollis is snooping and Poppy has to kill him also.

On another note, Finn will eventually defend Sheila, Steffi the bi*ch will divorce and Hope will be happy to step in. Bye, bye Steffy you manipulative bi*ch.