Who is Rex Brady engaged to on Days of our Lives? Fiancée is Sarah Horton

Rex is back in Salem and Sarah returns right behind him. Pic credit: KyleLowder22/Twitter

Days of our Lives fans better brace themselves because not one but two blasts from the past are set to take up residence in Salem. We’ve all seen Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) as he’s been warmly embraced by family and friends, but who’s the other new addition to town?

None other than Rex’s fiancée, Sarah Horton! Today viewers will get their first glimpse of the character now being played by Linsey Godfrey. On Friday, the spitfire pops back up and has an earful for her mother Maggie (Suzanne Rogers).

Longtime fans will remember that lovely Sarah was conceived through artificial insemination. Maggie and her then-husband Mickey believed that the donor was someone they approved of but later discovered that the true donor was Neil Curtis. Alli Brown was the last actress to play the role of Sarah.

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We last saw Sarah when she left Salem for the bright lights of Nashville.

Sarah has several siblings, the late Daniel Jonas, Summer Townsend, Janice Barnes, and Melissa Horton.

As she returns to Salem, the drama factor is high! In addition to getting off to a rocky start with Maggie, she has an unpleasant reality from the past to face.

That’s because also in town is Eve (Kassie DePaiva) who had the misfortune of hitting Sarah while driving while intoxicated. What a nightmare for Sarah.

Next week. the fireworks continue for Rex and Sarah as they try to get on with a blissful life together. The happy couple throws a gala engagement party to celebrate their love.

Unfortunately, there’s one person in town who isn’t all in! An unannounced bombshell threatens to halt the nuptials when a surprise guest arrives.  What in the world does she have to say to the happily betrothed couple? Be sure to tune in and find out!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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