Who is leaving Days of our Lives? Speculation over Paul, Abe, Valerie and Sonny

Abe on Days of our Lives
Abe on Days of our Lives — is he leaving the show? Pic credit: NBC

Days of our Lives viewers are desperate to know who will leave and who will stay as a mass exodus appears on the horizon.

Speculation over Paul (Christopher Sean), Abe (James Reynolds) Valerie (Vanessa Williams), and Sonny (Freddie Smith) is running rampant after yesterday’s jaw-dropping episode.

Which of these favorite characters are goners and which seem set to live out at least one of their nine lives in Salem?

It’s a foregone conclusion that Paul is a has-been. It was announced weeks ago that Sean was off he show.

This week he’s been saying goodbye like crazy. Yesterday Brady (Eric Martsolf) tried to console him over breaking up with Will (Chandler Massey) and at the same time Paul spilled that he’s departing town to be with his mom in San Francisco.

There he will get therapy at a specialized clinic in a bid to regain use of his legs.

Speaking of Will, now that he’s free to be with Sonny, he’s suddenly gone MIA. Yesterday a stunned Will informed everyone that he can’t find Sonny!

Also getting the goodbye blues is Abe. His girlfriend Valerie popped up at the police station with good news (for her) telling a gobsmacked Abe that she wants him to go to D.C. with her. She’s been offered a chief of staff position at her old hospital, an offer too good to refuse.

Good old honest Abe confessed that he can’t leave his home, then dropped a bomb that long-distance relationships just aren’t his thing. Ouch! Come into the 21st century Abraham!

But don’t cry for Abe, before long Sheila (Tionne “T Boz” Watkins) popped back up in his vicinity and was oh-so-grateful that Abe gave her one more last chance to keep her job. How grateful?

These two sizzle and pop whenever they’re in the same room, so let’s hope it’s just a matter of time before love blossoms between the two polar opposites. What’s more dangerous and sexy than a cop and a perp walking the line?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays during the day on NBC.

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