Who is Harmony on General Hospital?

Inga Cadranel is Harmony on General Hospital
Inga Cadranel is Harmony on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans want to know if a mysterious new character is going to bring harmony or discord to Port Charles, and we have some insight into the beautiful new face on the ABC soap!

Veteran prime time actress Inga Cadranel popped up onscreen yesterday as Harmony, Shiloh’s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) shady Dawn of Day contact.

Jason (Steve Burton) decided to seek out Harmony in infamous Beecher’s Corners (who remembers Luke and Laura hiding out there?) in order to get more details on the Dawn of Day clan.

When quizzed by Stone Cold, the lovely lady said that the group had changed her life for the better. She also admitted that her real name was Lorraine, but felt that the moniker never quite fit her.

She told Jason that she and Shiloh were responsible for building a community center together in the area, and that she decided to remain behind while Shiloh ventured to Port Charles where they wanted to expand their outreach.

Undeterred with the blatant PSA, Jason continued to probe Harmony for the dirt on Shiloh and his mysterious past. Before she could spill the beans, a cop showed up and threatened Jason, who decided to beat a hasty retreat back to Port Charles.

Harmony then called Shiloh to tell him that Jason had been dealt with.

The role of Harmony marks Cadranel’s daytime debut, although she has appeared in many primetime series including Bones and Designated Survivor.

There is no word on whether or not Harmony reappears on GH down the line, although it wouldn’t be a surprise if she does as she seems to be in cahoots with the puppet master — Shiloh.

Dawn of Day has taken the town by storm, enveloping Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) in its fold. Plus, Sam (Kelly Monaco) is determined to find out what the real deal is behind the sunshine and roses story that Shiloh is peddling.

Something tells me the Shiloh shenanigans are about to get incendiary as Sam plans to be with him, not Jason on Valentine’s Day!

General Hospital airs weekdays during the day on ABC.

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