Who is Hank on General Hospital and why is he in Port Charles?

Hank is new in Port Charles but he has more connections than just Drew. Pic credit: ABC
Hank is new in Port Charles but he has more connections than just Drew. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital introduced Hank (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) to viewers recently. He is the new man in Port Charles and his business in town is being questioned. Who is this mystery man from Drew’s (Billy Miller) past, and what is he doing?

Rumors have been circulating about Hank’s connection to Port Charles. Could he be the man who kidnapped Cassandra (Jessica Tuck)? Is he the person who is sending messages to Sam (Kelly Monaco) including Leland Powell’s obituary.

Hank may be a Cassadine

Having another Cassadine pop up in Port Charles could have General Hospital fans reeling with excitement. With Nikolas (formerly Tyler Christopher) gone and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) running schemes, another family member wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to the show.

Whoever took Cassandra was definitely connected to the Cassadines. Could Hank fit in there? Especially since he came into town looking for Drew. Everything is connected and this theory would fit with the minimal clues that have been given.

Hank may be kin to someone Sam swindled

Viewers knew that the Leland Powell obituary Sam received wasn’t a coincidence. Could Hank be someone who was related to one of her previous marks? The new General Hospital preview also dropped hints that perhaps there is a connection to the “cult” as well.

It looks like Sam is being stalked by someone with connections to Daisy (Kelsey Wang). She was in the memory care facility and picked up the newspaper from Galena. General Hospital writers wanted viewers to take notice of that.

One thing is for certain, Hank is going to cause some serious trouble in Port Charles. He played the part well when he “ran into” Jason (Steve Burton), conveniently calling him Drew. There is so much more to the story and General Hospital is just getting started telling it.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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