What’s wrong with Paulina on Days of our Lives?

Jackée Harry as Paulina Price on Days
Are Paulina’s Days in Salem numbered? Pic credit: Peacock

What’s wrong with Paulina on Days of our Lives? That’s a question Days fans are asking as it has become clear something is wrong with Paulina (Jackee Harry).

For the last couple of weeks, Paulina hasn’t been herself, making it easy to see a crisis is looming.

In true Paulina fashion, she did her best to keep everyone in the dark, especially Chanel (Raven Bowens) and Abe (James Reynolds).

However, Chanel put her foot down on Christmas Eve and took her mother to the hospital.

Even as Paulina has tests run in the hospital, she remains determined to keep her health crisis under wraps to celebrate the holiday season.

It’s pretty clear that the Peacock soap is setting the stage for Paulina to face a medical crisis.

What’s wrong with Paulina on Days of our Lives?

As the New Year looms, Paulina and Chanel will get news from Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) about Paulina’s health. The diagnosis forces Paulina to reevaluate her life while also dealing with the best way to move forward.

Based on the conversation between Paulina and Chanel about Uncle Stuart, all signs point to Paulina having cancer. Days fans know that the show doesn’t bring up history or illness for no reason, so cancer seems to be the likely choice.

Putting Paulina through a medical crisis will lead to Abe getting his memory back and is honestly the best way to bring back the old Abe.

Recently, Raven opened up about what’s ahead for Paulina and Chanel as their lives are turned upside down this holiday season.

Days of our Lives star Raven Bowens teases Paulina’s health scare

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Raven gave Days of our Lives fans a hint at how the storyline with Paulina will impact the mother-and-daughter relationship.

“They have a very co-dependent relationship. Chanel is hoping for the best, but she knows her mom well and has a gut feeling that something is going on. I don’t think Chanel could survive without her mother,” she expressed to the outlet.

Raven also explained that Paulina has become Chanel’s best friend since Allie (Lindsay Arnold) left town. The fact that Paulina is sick, and it could be terminal, will terrify her.

This storyline has only just begun, with so many more twists and turns coming for Paulina and her loved ones as the New Year kicks off.

Will it lead to Paulina and Jackee exiting the hit daytime drama? Let’s hope not because they are awesome on the show.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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