What happened to Tate on Days of our Lives?

Jamie Martin Mann and Leo Howard as Tate on Days.
There’s a new face playing Tate on Days. Pic credit: Peacock

What happened to Tate on Days of our Lives? That’s a question Days fans are asking after the character looked a lot different today.

It’s been a big week for Tate following Holly (Ashley Puzemis) finally admitting the drugs she overdosed on were hers.

Although Tate was cleared of all charges, the teen hasn’t been staying out of trouble, thanks again to Holly.

Despite strict orders from his parents, Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Theresa (Emily O’Brien), to stay clear of Holly, Tate can’t seem to quit her.

Just as this teen romance begins to heat up even more, there’s been an actor switcheroo in the role of Tate Black.

Jamie Martin Mann is out as the troubled teen, and a new face has taken over the role.

What happened to Tate on Days of Our Lives?

The answer to why there was a sudden Tate switch-up had nothing to do with the actor’s talents. Jamie decided he wanted to focus on college and a degree in musical theater at the University of Michigan.

Splitting his time between the Midwest and Los Angeles was no longer feasible. The actor spent his entire time on Days doing that, but entering his junior year made Jamie realize he needed to focus on his education.

“I know it seems very hoity-toity and aloof, and it’s not a ‘real’ major, but there is a considerable amount of work and it requires a lot of time in class,” Jamie shared with Soap Opera Digest.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Jamie got real about his choice to leave the hit Peacock soap he called home, revealing his final day was last fall.

Now, Days of our Lives fans must get used to a new face playing Theresa and Brady’s son.

Who is the actor playing Tate on Days now?

Leo Howard has taken over the role of Tate Black from Jamie on Days of our Lives. Not that Days viewers would know that, considering no voiceover or writing was saying who was now playing Tate on the episode.

This is Leo’s first forte in the soap world, but he’s no stranger to the genre thanks to his mother being a die-hard General Hospital fan.

“My whole childhood, the characters were on the screen and I remember it vividly,” he shared with TV Insider.

The actor has been honing his skills since childhood, kicking off his career with a guest stint on Monk. Leo is best known for starring in the Disney series Kickin’ It, Hulu’s horror show Freakish, and Santa Clara Diet.

Along with acting, Leo already has directing credits to his name and hopes to move behind the camera more at some point in his career. Leo had a connection to Days before booking the gig, as his fiance Natasha Hall was a temporary replacement for Jessica Serfaty as Sloan Peterson.

There’s a new Tate on Days of our Lives, but fans can still expect the forbidden teen love story of him and Holly to move forward. It’s never easy to get used to a recast, especially when fans are still getting used to the character of Tate being aged.

However, Jamie has exited, and Leo has taken over the role, so get ready for a new version of Tate.

We wish both Jamie and Leo the best of luck!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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