What happened to Lexie on Days of our Lives?

How did Lexie die on Days of our Lives?
Lexie Carver was the great love of Abe Carver’s life. Pic credit: NBC

What happened to Lexie on Days of our Lives? That’s the question many viewers of the NBC soap opera are asking after Abe (James Reynolds) met up with his late wife in the afterlife.

The touching episode was to honor James’ 40th anniversary of playing Abe. James joined Days in October 1981, and the daytime drama did an outstanding job of honoring his talent. There’s no question Abe has become not only a veteran character in Salem but an iconic one too.

Long-time Days of our Lives viewers know Lexie Carver, formerly played by Renée Jones, is the great love of Abe’s life. Lexie returns to help save her husband in the special episode honoring Abe, but fans never saw her face, just her as a vision.

Since Lexie is back briefly, it’s time for a fresher on Abe’s late wife.

Who is Lexie on Days?

Along with being Abe’s great love, Lexie is also the daughter of Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) and Celeste Perrault (Tanya Boyd). Lexie didn’t learn they were her parents until she was an adult.

Lexie showed up in Salem in 1987 and met Abe not long after. She went to medical school before they married in 1991. Despite her love for Abe, Lexie cheated on him with his son Brandon (Matt Cedeño) and nearly cheated with his brother Jonah (Thyme Lewis).

Although she wasn’t a villain, Lexie did have questionable ethics, which constantly tested her relationship with Abe. Lexie even kept quiet about a baby switch involving her adoptive son Issac and Zach, the biological son of Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso).

The truth comes out, breaking up Abe and Lexie. Later after she is kidnapped, they found their way back to each other. Their only son Theo (Cameron Johnson), was born in 2003.

Four actresses have played Lexi over the years. Cyndi James Gossett originated the role, followed by Angelique Francis and Shellye Broughton. In 1993 Renée Jones took over the role, playing Lexie until 2012. Renée is the actress Days fans associate with the role of Lexie.

What happened to Lexie on Days of our Lives?

In April 2012, Renée confirmed she was exiting the NBC show. The actress was leaving showbiz for a simpler life. Since Renée insisted her exit was permanent, the writers chose to kill off the character.

After feeling faint and weak, Lexie was diagnosed with brain tumors that were caused by toxic fumes in the DiMera tunnels where she was held captive years before. Test results revealed the tumors were fatal, and she was given weeks to live.

Abe set up a picnic for his frail wife in their backyard. Lexie passed away peacefully in his arms after they shared a beautiful final moment together.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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