What happened to Gabi on Days of our Lives?

Camila Banus and Cherie Jimenez as Gabi on Days
Gabi has resurfaced on Days. Pic credit: Peacock

What happened to Gabi on Days of our Lives? That’s a question some Days fans ask as Gabi resurfaces on screen with a new face.

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Gabi has been recast.

Last year Camila Banus, who played Gabi for over 13 years, opted to leave the show.

The actress made it known well before her final air date that she and Days couldn’t agree on a new contract.

Backstage drama on the hit Peacock soap also played a part in Camila’s decision to exit Salem.

After a long hiatus without Gabi, partly due to the advanced filming schedule for the show, Stefan’s (Brandon Barash) wife is back.

What happened to Gabi on Days of our Lives?

The last time we saw Gabi on-screen, she was being carted off to Statesville for killing Li (Remington Hoffman). This was the perfect way to write out Camila while buying time before introducing a new actress in the role.

Over the past few weeks, Stefan has been working overtime to prove Gabi didn’t kill Li. Currently, Stefan is blackmailing his brother EJ (Daniel Feuerriegel) to help him free his wife.

Days of our Lives spoilers teased that Stefan visits Gabi in prison with good news, which was where fans were introduced to the new Gabi.

Who is playing Gabi now on Days?

Cherie Jimenez has taken over the role of Gabi Hernandez.

The official Days Instagram account teased her back in April along with a mystery man. At the time, the rumor mill was running rampant that Cherie was the new Gabi because the picture was taken in Rafe’s (Galen Gering) kitchen.

This will be Cherie’s first forte into the soap world after appearing on primetime shows such as Pretty Little Liars and NCIS. Ahead of her debut, Cherie revealed an interesting tidbit about her connection to the role.

“Funny story. I actually auditioned for the role of Gabi when it was first created 15 years ago. It just wasn’t meant to be. I was 22. I had just moved to L.A. a couple of years prior at 19 and the audition came into my life,” she shared with Soaps.com.

When it was time to audition for Gabi, Cherie admitted she didn’t know it was for the character or that Camila had left because she took a step back from acting after her son was born.

Oh yes, things have come full circle for Cherie as she embarks on playing Gabi.

Be sure to watch to see what happens next with Gabi, and remember to give Cherie a chance. The recast situation is difficult for actors and fans.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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5 days ago

Did Gabi’s leaving a while back have anything to do with Nichol’s leaving? (“backstage drama”). Margy