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What happened to Ashland on The Young and the Restless?

Ashland on Y&R: Why is a new actor playing him?
Ashland has a new face just as his lies are about to explode all around him. Pic credit: CBS

What happened to Ashland on The Young and the Restless? It’s a question Y&R are fans are asking now that a new and familiar actor has taken over the role.

The CBS daytime drama is no stranger to pulling an actor switch on fans. In some cases, like with Chance, the character was written off the canvas when Donny Boaz was fired. Chance resurfaced in November, but with Conner Floyd in the role.

However, in some instances, the character can’t be written off for storyline purposes. The role of Ashland was one of those cases.

What happened to Ashland Locke on The Young and the Restless?

Ashland Locke debuted on Y&R in March of 2021. The character was originated by actor Richard Burgi, who made the business mogul a likable villain.

In January 2022, news broke Richard had exited the CBS soap opera. The news had The Young and the Restless fans buzzing that Ashland would die since he supposedly had cancer.

Then it was revealed Guiding Light’s Robert Newman was taking over the role. Richard used Instagram to set the record straight, sharing he violated the show’s COVID-19 protocols. After expressing how upset he was at his actions, Richards thanked the show for the opportunity and wished Robert the best in the role.

For storyline reasons and because of Richard’s sudden firing, Ashland had to be recast. Y&R spoilers tease that Victoria (Amelia Heinle) soon learns another one of Ashland’s dirty little secrets.

Robert Newman teases Y&R debut as Ashland

Robert is no stranger to the soap opera world. The talented actor played Joshua Lewis on Guiding Light off and on for nearly three decades before the show ended in 2009.

The Young and the Restless used Robert’s previous daytime experience to prepare for his debut as Ashland Locke. Robert walks into Society and declares he’s not in Springfield anymore in a new promo. With a grin on his face, the actor then announces his premiere date, today, February 9.

Ashland on Y&R has a new face, thanks to actor Robert Newman. Richard Burgi’s firing from The Young and the Restless was major news, yet some viewers missed the action and wondered why there was a new actor in the role.

There’s no question it can be challenging to adjust to a recast, especially one known for a previous role on a soap opera. Y&R fans will need some time to adjust to the new Ashland Locke, that’s for sure.

What do you think of the Ashland switcheroo?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. He looks like an old grandpa compared to the other Ashland. The reasoning for Richards firing was outrageous, but that’s CBS for you. The least you guys could of done is get someone a little bit younger and sophisticated.On the otherhand I guess it will be kind of fun watching to mustache hard core stick to your gut business men go after each other.

  2. These Covid protocols are ruining television! Good actors and actresses leaving roles they have made great because of their beliefs is wrong! I admire these courageous people and hope they band together and voice their treatment!
    Entertainment is going downhill!!

    • Robert Newman is awful in the role of Ashland. Big mistake getting rid of Richard Burgi. His Ashton actually had chemistry with the cold hearted Victoria. Newman’s Ashton has zero spark with Victoria and the age difference just seems creepy.
      Y&R is truly in self destruct mode with this new casting along with the horrid and never ending baby storyline. Not to mention the terrible idea of killing off the lively Hillary and replacing her with her dreary twin Amanda!
      I’m truly sad to say it but I doubt if Y&R will be around much longer unless the writers stop making such stupid cast changes. Also they must stop dragging out horrible storylines like the Dominic custody battle!

  3. Well the writers already gave me a half
    Hour back of my life with the ridiculous adult
    Children of Steffy and Thomas on Bold and the Beaitdoul. I’m sure this actor is talented but he is completely wrong for Victorias spouse. Seriously writers do you even give a damn about the loyal fans who have kept you employed for decades

  4. Hey Robert Newman welcome to Genoa City and have fun replacing Ashland Locke too! I saw you today on your first day and you have really been studying Ashland Locke’s Character great job by the way!! Also good to see you again after watching you & Reva for so long on The Guiding Light! I miss you all from that show too! Good luck and again Welcome Robert Newman! Funny how that sits well with The Newman Family! Joan from way back!!

  5. What a great replacement for Ashland Locke. Robert Newman has the mannerisms down pat & unlike a few other reviews I read I believe Mr Newman is a very handsome Man & doesnt look any older than the old Ashland. Some folks don’t or can’t adapt well to changes. I can & it has served me well in real life. Again good job on the replacement of Ashland Locke.

  6. You know everyone makes mistakes and Richard should’ve been given a second chance I am not crazy about Billy or Sally need to get rid of them – and a bit tired of Mariah and Tessa with all this kissing

  7. I’m glad to see him back in the afternoons. He was one of my very favorites on Guiding Light, wishing all the best in his future.

  8. What ?? No way this guy can match up with the old Ashland . Even if both actors are 63, the old Ashland had
    much more chemistry with Victoria. Over the last month the story lines are getting really boring with the same Billy crap, Devon, Mariah & Tessa, Sally, ugh. I’ve watch this show since 1983 ..

  9. I hate the new Chance and he will never be the fit that Donny was. CBS is politically correct and they have no regard for the fans. The actors have suffered with all this covid BS; it’s time to stop the madness and discrimination.I will miss the old Ashland.

    • It’s the wokeness coming down from the primary sponsor P&G. Woke corporations are in sync with the left. It’s the great reset coming your way. You will be cancelled. If you don’t go along.

  10. Do not like the new Ashland. There is no chemistry between him and Victoria like there was with the other Ashland. Also think he is too ruthless – the old Ashland was likeable……..can’t we get over being afraid of COVID? It is turning out to be like the flu. I believe it will alsways be around and that we’ll need a shot yearly just like with the flu….enough already!

  11. I miss the old Ashton (Robert B.) I never comment on anything regarding Y &R but the new guy is a mismatch for Victoria. Please return the old Ashton.

  12. I thought he looked familiar. Would have been nice if they could’ve cast Ben Masters (Julian from Passions) or even better Joe Lando (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman). He’s still 🔥!

  13. Acovid protocol mistake is a handy excuse, but could it have been more than that? Say the time about a week before he was gone that he put his arms around ‘Victoria” and she had to push his hand away from its dangerously close to her breast position?

  14. To those of you who are old enough, remember we had to take various shots to go to school back in the day. No one made a big deal. The shots were taken and everyone went about their merry way. (measles, mumps and what have you) I get my flu shot every year. No one had an issue with that. I know some people don’t get the flu shot. I got mine so I don’t get sick.At 69 I am not feeling it.


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