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The Young and the Restless: Who kidnapped Mariah on Y&R?

Why was Mariah kidnapped on The Young and the Restless?
Mariah has been held hostage for weeks on The Young and the Restless. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless viewers are ready to learn who kidnapped Mariah (Camryn Grimes) on the CBS soap opera.

Mariah has been missing for quite some time. Although those close to Mariah believed she was on a business trip at first, it’s become clear to her girlfriend Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) that something is wrong.

After weeks of thinking Mariah needed space, even Abby (Melissa Ordway) is finally convinced something is wrong. Sharon’s (Sharon Case) mama bear instincts kicked in, too, and she enlisted Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) to help track down her daughter.

Mariah’s loved ones, including Devon (Bryton James), gathered to plan a course of action to figure out how to get her to come home. Little do they know; Mariah isn’t blowing them off — she’s in captivity.

Who kidnapped Mariah on Y&R?

At the top of the list of kidnappers is Ben, aka Stitch (Sean Carrigan), who showed up in Genoa City shortly before Mariah was taken. Not only was Stitch the last person to see Mariah when they chatted in the park, but he was watching her through the window at Chancellor mansion.

Abby and Stitch lost their baby when his son Max (Jared Breeze) purposely caused her to fall down the steps. It could be that Stitch never got over Abby and is jealous of her starting a family with Chance (Donny Boaz).

Since Stich is the obvious choice, he probably won’t end up being Mariah’s kidnapper. The Young and the Restless is good at letting viewers think a story is headed one way and then throwing them a curveball.

Max also makes the list. Stitch keeps saying there is no change in his son’s condition, but it’s a soap opera, so he could suddenly recover.

Another person on the list is Nina (Tricia Cast). She might fear Mariah will take off Abby’s baby just like Rose DeVille (Darlene Conley) did to Nina with baby Ronan. Nina might have PTSD, causing her to take drastic measures to protect her unborn grandchild.

There’s always the chance Mariah’s kidnapper is someone viewers don’t even know linked to her past, or rather her adopted mother’s past.

When will Mariah’s kidnapper on The Young and the Restless be revealed?

Y&R fans are anxiously waiting to find out who is holding Mariah hostage on the hit daytime drama. Camryn recently shed light on when the big reveal will happen. The actress answered a fan question during a Twitter Q&A, replying “soon.”

When will Mariah kidnapper be  revealed.
Pic credit: @camryngrimes/Twitter

No, Camryn didn’t give dates or any other details. However, it does mean the wait is almost over.

Who do you think kidnapped Mariah on Y&R?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. Max not Stich did this but max has not been back . This is ridiculous writing and a waste of time and really an insult to the fine actors

    • The BIG mystery about Chance’s secret investigation will turn out to be none other than Stich! So the mystery will be solved and Chance will return as a HERO after catching Stivh red handed! But I wonder if Devon is OK with that!

  2. Writers need to work on the story lines, they have really fallen down in the past year. Stop bringing in 3 or 4 new
    characters that mean nothing and keep the cast that was doing an awesome job. Stupid story lines for the new characters don’t add to the show, they take away from it.

    • I agree with you — disgusting and please allow Adam to be decent for once — great acting as well as son. Kyle grew as an actor beautifully and you let him go.You almost insult the fine actors in what you do to them.

  3. keep victoria, Townsend storyline please; they are excellent together
    As for the kidnapping, could it be Max? whoever, it is demented and evil as you writers seem to do with being bizarre

  4. Wonder if it is Ben (Stitch) and maybe he needs this baby or stem cells or something to try to save his other son. Just a thought.

  5. What about Chance’s enemies that he is laying low from want to bring him out of hiding so they kidnapped his and his wife’s baby.

  6. I wrote on another site of this like this one that I think Stitch took Mariah because I think his son has passed away! No one has gone to check this out how his son is doing that I know of right? In that case Stitch wants to replace Abby’s son for his own, because I think he is still in love with Abby! Makes sense to me! I hate to be right as my husband knows!!!
    I have been know to be right here in Colorado on the last four people ( one a vey young boy) who were killed for real in Colorado Springs by three husbands & one stepmother so far this last year an a half! I try to read body language and it usually works too!
    Now because I said that the writers will change the story line!! I think I am right about Stitch though, he is too curious and watch when he reacts to Rey &Victor poking around now!!

  7. Ben is the usual suspect and he is acting odd. But is a pitiful story line. I hope it isn’t Adam because he’s doing so much better. Max is an idea for sure but at this point it could be anyone. I thot of Ian Ward but I believe he is in prison plus he wouldn’t mind showing himself and torment her. Today she was having pains so I hope they get it right soon. Like THIS week.


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