The Young and the Restless: What Billy needs to do next

Jason Thompson as Billy on The Young and the Restless.
What will Billy do next? Pic credit: CBS

In news that should surprise no one, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) needs to find himself. This is according to his therapist on The Young and the Restless who informed the patient that he has self-esteem issues.

In his defense, Billy has been through a lot this year. He’s flirted with a gum-chewing alter, confronted the man who killed his daughter, and recommitted himself in body and spirit, but not in bling, to Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

Where does this leave him? After a spat with Kyle (Michael Mealor) at Jabot as to whose ideas were more brilliant, he’s decided to take the high road and leave corporate life behind him in search of greener pastures.

Billy does need to find himself, but since he’s a fictional character, he can only do what he’s told. So, in the interest of putting my two cents in, I have a few suggestions for the writers, sure to make any soap fan sit up and take notice.

Is Billy too old to give Kyle a run for his money as a Jabot male model? No one can forget the splash Kyle made as an impromptu spokesman for the brand with his au natural good looks. Billy’s got what it takes in the looks department to be the masculine face of Jabot.

I can also see Billy in the kitchen with Lola (Sasha Calle), in fact, that’s a great title for a cooking show! At any rate, he’s got the fiery temperament needed to be a top chef, and Society needs a male presence to balance out all of the estrogen running things at the glitzy hotspot.

Then again, according to USA Today, the Chief Executive is the number one job to aspire to in 2019. Maybe Billy ought to rethink those grand plans to find himself and just stay put at Jabot where he can chew gum, lord over Kyle, and best of all, lock the door and have sex with Victoria as they so often do!

Why fix what isn’t broken?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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