The Young and the Restless star Mishael Morgan teases Amanda’s return: How long will she be back?

Mishael Morgan as Amanda Sinclair on Y&R
Mishael has a warning for Y&R fans. Pic credit: CBS

Amanda Sinclair is back, baby, and her return to The Young and the Restless was epic!

After weeks of Y&R fans waiting for Misael Morgan to reprise the role of Amanda on-screen, their wish finally came true.

The legal eagle came in with guns a-blazin’ to face off with her cheating ex Devon (Bryton James).

Granted, Amanda did it on behalf of Jill (Jess Walton), but it was amazing to see Mishael back in action.

Ahead of her highly anticipated return, Mishael teased what The Young and the Restless fans can expect from Amanda this time around.

We aren’t going to lie; Mishael kind of left us with more questions and then answers, and we expect nothing less from the actress.

The Young and the Restless Mishael Morgan teases Amanda’s return

Speaking with, Mishael hinted that Amanda has unfinished business in Genoa City outside of her representing Jill.

“She’s always there to shake things up and put people in their place,” Mishael hinted. “I can’t say a lot. We love the twist. We love the surprises.”

The actress also shared that there will be “a lot of familiar faces and interacting with a lot of familiar faces, which always has its own kind of drama and dynamic, considering the history.”

It was easy to see from her entrance that Amanda certainly is all about having Jill’s back, but no doubt she has more than that on her agenda for her stint in Genoa City.

While Amanda has unfinished business, Y&R fans can look forward to her having a catch-up with her pal Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). After all, Phyllis could use a friend right now as she continues to fight for Danny’s (Michael Damian) affection against her nemesis Christine (Lauralee Bell).

How long will Amanda and Mishael be back on Y&R?

While it’s fantastic to have Amanda on screen again, the sad news is that she won’t be sticking around very long. Mishael remains busy on other projects and can only do a pop-by on the CBS soap.

Neither the show nor Mishael has revealed exactly how long Amanda plans to stick around. Based on Mishael’s schedule, Amanda will likely be on the show through the rest of February sweeps.

The good news is that, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, Christel Khalil is back on set filming as Lily. Perhaps The Young and the Restless will have these two on-screen together before Amanda leaves, meaning Lily will soon return to Genoa City.

Be sure to keep watching to see just how Amanda shakes things up on the hit daytime drama.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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