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The Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford shuts down haters over latest Phyllis on-screen drama

Michelle Stafford defend herself amid Y&R backlash.
Michelle has put the trolls on notice. Pic credit: ©

The Young and the Restless star Michelle Stafford has shut down the haters over the latest Phyllis on-screen drama.

There’s no question that soap opera fans are die-hard, and Y&R fans are no exception. It can be challenging for viewers to separate an actor from a character, especially those fans who are super passionate about certain characters.

Michelle originated the role of Phyllis Summers in 1994, playing her on and off for decades. The talented actress left a couple of times, most recently in 2014 when she left to create the role of Nina Reeves on General Hospital.

Playing two strong women on two different shows can bring out the trolls from time to time. The haters tend to come out in full force when they disagree with a character’s on-screen actions.

Instead of attacking the character, some trolls take aim at the actor or actress, and Michelle has had enough.

Michelle Stafford shuts down haters over latest Phyllis on-screen drama

On The Young and the Restless, Phyllis recently marked her territory with Jack (Peter Bergman) just to spite Diane (Susan Walters). Jack was not thrilled with Phyllis’ latest move. Y&R spoilers tease it leads to Jack making a shocking decision about their relationship.

Apparently, some fans of the hit CBS soap opera didn’t like what Phyllis did either because Michelle recently took to Twitter to remind people that she is an actress playing a character. Michelle has no control over how Phyllis is written. She is simply doing her job.

“I would like to introduce myself to some of you folks. My name is Michelle Stafford. It is not Phyllis Summers. That is a character I play. I am not responsible for that character’s actions. So you can throw your hate somewhere else…God Bless,” the actress tweeted.

Michelle takes on Y&R fans.
Pic credit: @TheRealStafford/Twitter

Michelle reminds soap fans acting is her job

This is not the first time Michelle has had to defend herself against online trolls. Back when she was playing Nina on General Hospital, she endured a slew of backlash over a scene and used social media to set the records straight.

“The amazing writers at #GH write something and I play it. It’s my job. It’s all to entertain you folks and make you think… sometimes it incites debate. I truly LOVE all of you passionate folks ❤️” she wrote.

Michelle has a message for GH fans.
Pic credit: @TheRealStafford/Twitter

The scene in question involved Nina having an issue with Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), who was Charlotte’s (then Scarlett Fernandez) teacher. Nina fiercely defended Charlotte by laying into Willow in a very uncomfortable scene to watch.

Michelle Stafford has had to remind soap opera fans that she is an actress playing a character a couple of times. While it’s a testament to her incredible acting talent, it can also be easy to see why Michelle is tired of the hate being thrown her way.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. I love you Michelle. I think you are a great actress and love you playing Phyllis. Ignore any negative remarks. Those people are not worth it

  2. Michelle, I love Your character. You bring so much to the show. But I really have a hard time watching the latest shows. I cant stand that you lost Your self confidence. Jack is making a big mistake by letting You go. I watched as You stood back and helped Him through His heartbreak of His sons death. If They let Him get involved with Diane I think I will be sick. Is He so stupid as to dump Phyllis? I guess we will see.

    • I love Phyllis and I loved her role in GH as well.
      You are a terrific actress and I love watching what you will do next! I feel sorry for Jack because he can’t find love. Michelle, I love you and don’t listen to the haters. I am not one of them. ❤️❤️

  3. Some people have a hard time differentiate the fact that this isn’t real life! I’ve been watching you from the beginning and you have hit it out of the park so many times. MVP status for your acting skills. Keep up the great work.

  4. I love your character in y&r but I hate what happen to jackand you
    I don’t know why the writers made you weak and insecure. You are a strong independent women. ( I meant Phyllis) it is an Embarrassment to all women out there who are independent and strong to act like a jealous manic. Did approve of that story

  5. I stand behind her! It is stupid that people do not know reality from fiction!…so sad2! She is a great actress and does her JOB well! Stay safe, girl!!!

  6. I thought it was great screen play it was time for some steam to hit the soap opera, great actor and acting, I love Phillis on Y&R.

  7. Michelle, you are an outstanding actress and do an amazing job playing the role written for you! Keep it up.
    Love you and Peter together!

  8. Some people apparently take these soaps to heart and cannot separate the characters from the actual people. This is called acting and she is doing a great job. Ignore the negative, these people do not know the difference.

  9. Michelle, I LOVE your feistiness! You portray your character so perfectly! I see the appropriateness of your reactions.

  10. Hey Michelle good for you because so many do not understand what real acting is means! I love your acting and wish the best with the writers on you & Diane! A big fan of yours and so happy you are back at Y&R too! Maybe someday they will reunite Phyllis & Jack too! A lot of us do not like Diane character either!Joanne

  11. I am livid what the writers are doing to the character Phyllis. Honestly I will be done with TYATR if the writers don’t allow her to show the good person that is in there. And I have watched since day one! Really love Michelle!


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