The Young and the Restless star J. Eddie Peck teases ‘unfinished business’ between Ashley and Cole

J. Eddie Peck as Cole Howard on Y&R
Will Cole take Ashley’s mind off her Tucker problem? Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless star J. Eddie Peck hinted his alter ego Cole isn’t done facing his past now that he’s back in Genoa City.

After being in town for weeks, Cole finally ran into his former wife, Ashley (Eileen Davidson).

The two had a sweet reunion but didn’t spill any details about their lives, instead opting to keep things close to the vest.

Y&R fans were even given all the feels of nostalgia with the flashback of Ashley and Cole’s marriage ending.

The former couple was interrupted by Victoria (Amelia Heinle), who needed to talk to Cole about Claire (Hayley Erin).

Following Cole reuniting with Ashley, the actor who portrays him has teased there’s more to come for the exes.

The Young and the Restless star J. Eddie Peck teases ‘unfinished business’ between Ashley and Cole

J. Eddie opened up to Soaps In Depth about Cole and Ashley coming face to face after all these years. The Young and the Restless fans know that Cole’s relationship differed significantly from his with Victoria.

“He was very close to her, had a very special connection with her differently. He was of a different level of maturity, a different place in his life when he developed that relationship with Ashley,” the actor shared.

Their marriage ended when Cole opted to leave Genoa City because he and Ashley were not on the same page about having a baby. In his defense, at the time, Cole did think that baby Eve had died and was mourning her.

Even though they wanted different things, Ashley and Cole ended things pretty amicably, which is why J. Eddie feels they have some things to work out.

“It wasn’t a nasty split. I really think it was more, ‘Hey, you’re over here and I’m over here and we have careers pulling us in different directions, and maybe this is the right time. So I do think there’s some unfinished business between Ashley and Cole,” J. Eddie expressed to Soaps In Depth.

Is a new Y&R love triangle brewing?

The run-in between Cole, Ashley, and Victoria has the rumor mill buzzing that the writers at Y&R may be revisiting another old love triangle. It reminded viewers how much Cole meant to each woman and the animosity they still have for each other over him.

There’s no question that the writers appear to be gearing up to revisit this story but with new elements, thanks to Claire and Tucker. Cole and Victoria are focused on protecting Claire and helping her move on from all the trauma Jordan (Colleen Zenk) caused.

Meanwhile, Ashley can’t seem to shake her feelings for Tucker, so setting her sights on Cole might do the trick for her. Tucker would lose his mind, making him even more vengeful against the Abbott family.

Who is the better match for Cole — Ashley or Victoria?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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