The Young and the Restless spoilers: Nick and Adam fight over Sally and Victor issues a stern warning

Joshua Morrow as Nick Newman on Y&R.
Nick won’t give up on Sally on Y&R. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that as November sweeps come to a close, it’s more of the same on the hit CBS soap opera.

Sweeps month has kicked off a couple of new hot storylines, such as Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei) return and Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Devon (Bryton James) having sex.

However, one storyline has been dragging on for a while now.

Adam (Mark Grossman) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) are still fighting to be the man for Sally (Courtney Hope), even though she’s more into Nick right now.

Last week, Adam boldly proposed to Sally after spotting her and Nick out together.

This week things ramp up with Papa Newman getting involved in his two sons’ latest feud over a lady.

Sally is in the middle

The latest Y&R preview video reveals that both Adam and Nick put Sally on the spot with their various actions.

Adam once again pleads his case to Sally to win her back. Despite dumping her for what he felt was her own good, Adam insists to the fiery redhead he’s still deeply in love with her and her with him.

Given what Adam did, though, Sally finds it hard to believe him and reminds Adam that he broke her heart.

Meanwhile, Nick can’t help but wonder just how Sally feels about his brother. Nick puts her in the hot seat with his question regarding Sally’s feelings for Adam.

It’s a good question, too, because Sally may be mad at Adam, but she hasn’t denied that she still has feelings for him.

Victor meddles

The Young and the Restless spoilers revealed Victor (Eric Braeden) inserts himself in the middle of Nick and Adam’s latest feud. Victor digs into Sally’s past, and that’s not all he does either.

Nick’s taken aback when Victor lectures him about competing with Adam for a woman. It’s not the first time the two brothers have been at odds over a female.

Things get worse between Victor and Nick when the latter declares Adam doesn’t deserve Sally. Victor pulls out his stern and ruthless businessman voice to issue Nick a warning about picking Sally over family.

The mustache makes it clear Nick will regret that choice.

Will Sally finally make a choice? Will Nick listen to his father?

These questions and more will be answered this week on Y&R!

Plus, Kyle (Michael Mealor) busts Diane (Susan Walters), and Daniel shocks Summer (Allison Lanier) with his new plan.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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1 year ago

This has nothing to do with the above stuff
I think this would make a Good plot.
it would be interesting if Diane turns out to be bad. Right now she seems to be playing the victim .

1 year ago

I am beginning to think I am watching The Bold & The Beautiful and it’s Ridge and it’s against Nick! I am tired of the games you ae playing with Nick & Adam it’s time to stop and we are all tired of the stupid game okay! I was not happy that you had Sally & Adam together on Friday! I am not going to watch anymore as your writers are not doing a good job anymore! If you lose your daytime slot it is on you writers & lose daytime show altogether it’s really on your fault because you do not listen to your Older viewers and it’s on your heads!! Do you understand now!! My friends already stopped watching you! Pay no attention to these young people who just want drama overkill! Now get Diane out and get Nick and Sally back!

1 year ago

Don’t like Nick and Sally together. Put her back with Adam. They make a better couple, tied of Nick, go back to Sharon.