The Young and the Restless fans react to Devon and Abby’s steamy hookup

Devon and Abby kiss on Y&R.
Y&R fans have a lot of thoughts on Abby and Devon getting busy. Pic credit: CBS

The Young and the Restless fans have reacted to the steamy hookup scenes between Devon (Bryton James) and Abby (Melissa Ordway).

This week has been a doozy on Y&R with friends Abby and Devon not only crossing a line but getting caught by their partners, Chance (Conner Floyd) and Amanda (Mishael Morgan), walking in on them.

It’s November sweeps, and the hit soap opera’s going for it with this storyline.

Twitter has been buzzing ever since Devon and Abby got their freak on all over his penthouse apartment.

Now, as the fallout of the cheaters getting caught plays out, The Young and the Restless fans have a lot of feelings about the show.

So, what are Y&R fans saying about the storyline? Let’s take a look.

The Young and the Restless fans weigh in on Abby and Devon cheating

Viewers had a lot of thoughts regarding the scandal involving Devon and Abby.

Several users had thoughts about the steamy scenes between the two friends. Shout out to Bryton and Melissa for bringing their A-game and making those scenes hot hot hot!

One user admitted to rewatching the show because what was going on with Abby and Devon was “insane.”

Another Twitter user simply wrote, “Holy smokes,” with several fire emojis.

There was also the fan who couldn’t believe that their significant others busted the cheaters so quickly. After all, that’s so not the soap opera way.

A different fan used a video of Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) to express their feelings at the fact Devon cheated on Amanda.

Some Y&R fans are here for a Devon and Abby couple.

One viewer has even wanted it to happen for a long time.

A tweet even declared that Devon better never come for Nate (Sean Dominic) again.

What’s next for Devon, Abby, Chance, and Amanda on Y&R?

The aftermath of Abby and Devon hooking up has already begun on the hit CBS daytime drama. Chance walked out on Abby, declaring that he needed space, while Amanda moved out of Devon’s, leaving town again to focus on her family.

It was only a matter of time before the writers broke up Devon and Amanda since Mishael decided not to renew her contract. As for Chance and Abby, they were reunited this time last year after he went MIA on a mission, so it was about time their happiness went bust.

Amanda’s gone, and Chance may follow suit leaving Devon and Abby the opportunity to become a family with baby Dom. The writers appear to be moving in that direction, which raises one question.

Will Chance leave the show again?

Stay tuned to find out that as more as November sweeps heats up.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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Debbie Paproky
Debbie Paproky
1 year ago

Shocking to see Devon and Abby. They did not hold back. ThEy acted like it was well over due.
And the way Abby thought she could explain her way out of it was hilarious!
Changing gears . Sally can’t be with Nick she belongs with Adam.
Are Chloe And her going to go back into Fashion again? I love Sally she fits the bill for Fashion. She’s so beautiful and fit. Can’t wait for todays show. Glad it’s only Thursday.

Jerry Petty
Jerry Petty
1 year ago

I really wish you would put better clothes on the actors. They all look like hookers. Nobody goes to work looking like that.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry Petty

Yea, no joke either they are all way to old to wear some of the clothes they wear!!! They go to sit down and you almost see their buttski’s; no thank you! And their clothes are so darn tight I can almost see their clothes ripping out the seams and they can not sit down right with out putting their hands in their laps to cover themselves and show some modesty !also when they sit down you can see all the way to the their arse’s! NOT COOL the dressers are making them look sluty not good! So tone it down on the pretty clothes and show some decency okay!! We know they are such pretty designs but way too tight and out showing way to much skin! We all know they portray clothing designers but way over board!
Same thing on Bold & Beautiful too! They all look sluty okay ,not good!
Thank you Jess

1 year ago

WellI for one am not happy with what happened with Devon & Abby although I did see it coming and not happy anyway! Now I see you are messing up Noah & Ally, they are great together, too,but please if you do not want to see viewers leave the stop with the pairings that you have and more screwing up! I tuned the station and went back to FOX News when you started the crap with Devon & Abby my husband said what the heck is going on and when I told him he was very upset too, understatement on that one too!! Heck you even have a new Dominick now who doesn’t even look anything like the other one who had darker hair!
“By the way Harrison’s hair is still way too long!”
We are not happy with you finding ways to keep Diane on either, get the man who she helped put in Prison on soon and get the storyline finished asap! We are tired of the Diane storyline!
He actually asked if “Peyton Place was back on or Dallas”! NOT FUNNY!