The Bold and the Beautiful: Will Thomas harm Douglas to win back Hope?

Henry Joseph Samiri as Douglas on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Douglas may be in danger. Pic credit: CBS

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) has proven himself to be a swine of a man, as well as a farce of a father. How low would he go to use Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) to win back Hope (Annika Noelle)?

It’s a scary proposition to think about considering the depths to which he’s stooped in the past. Now, explosive show spoilers reveal that Thomas reappears this week, with every intention of wresting his new bride away from Liam (Scott Clifton) and baby Beth. Will he use Douglas to do it?

Thomas will go undercover along with his bestie, sleazy pill-producing Vinny (Joe LoCicero). Whatever plan these two concoct is sure to be dangerous and hair-raising, and could involve Douglas whom Hope is crazy about.

Adorable Douglas was front and center Tuesday as the adults assured him he was a hero for telling everyone that Phoebe is Beth. Of course, he overheard his dad say it, which only makes things worse for Thomas.

Thomas has abandoned Douglas after skipping town in a helicopter rather than face the music about his part in the baby switch charade.

Someone has to take care of the tyke, and it was heartwarming to see his reunion with Hope. Both dearly love the other, and it’s very conceivable that Douglas would want to stay with Hope. That would make him vulnerable to Thomas’ machinations. He’s already scared the wits out of the boy by making ghosts dance around his darkened room.

A demented Thomas will stop at nothing to get Hope back. Based on his past actions, is it possible he may threaten to harm the boy as a way to manipulate Hope?

Be sure to tune in and find out!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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