The Bold and the Beautiful speculation: Reese beds both Taylor and Brooke?

Reece kissing Taylro on The Bold and the Beautiful
Reece has been kissing more than one lady on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: CBS

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Reese (Wayne Brady) has made himself at home in L.A. in record time, but his daughter Zoe (Kiara Barnes) knows he’s really just a playboy con with a big stethoscope!

Viewers were shocked to hear her read him the riot act this week about staying away from Taylor (Hunter Tylo). Why? It seems the well-mannered gent has a rep for going after rich ladies with big bank accounts.

All of his gentlemanly flirting with Taylor was just a big fat lie, as were his claims to want to help her troubled mind. He just wants to help himself to her big bucks!

Apparently, the dashing doc is in deep debt trouble, something that may have caused his exodus from London. Will his troubles follow him here?

We should have known something was up when Reese starting asking Zoe questions about Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) immediately after flirting with Taylor at the party. At least now we know where she-devil Zoe gets her vixenly charm!

Today the savvy doc runs into Taylor at the hospital and oozes all the manly charm he can in her direction. He’s working with her sponsor, so it looks like these two will be running into each other a lot more.

Once they’re alone, Taylor says that she is sorry she dumped her problems on him earlier, especially her hatred of Brooke. Sensing an opportunity, Reese coos that Brooke is such a bad girl, but he’s here to help Taylor in any way he can!

Once he learns that she’s unattached, the brazen guy wastes no time planting a big, fat kiss on the troubled shrink!

With his past catching up to him, Reese has made his move on Taylor, but will he actually bed Brooke first? Rumor is that both ladies fall for his con, but who falls first remains to be seen!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays during the day on CBS.

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