The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Couples get down with sexy hijinks and a shocking kiss

Katrina Bowden and Darin Brooks as Flo and Wyatt on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Flo and Wyatt will be getting frisky. Pic credit: CBS

On The Bold and the Beautiful you can’t keep a good man down, just ask Wyatt (Darin Brooks). If he isn’t careful, he’s set to break Liam’s (Scott Clifton) land record for serial speed dating, a dubious achievement.

Today some hot and heavy action takes place among the people in town, and nothing is as simple as it seems. Could Flo (Katrina Bowden) soon be on the other end of a baby drama? For the moment her conscience takes leave and she gives in to temptation!

The gorgeous blonde has the house to herself, in this case, the Forrester mansion, and Wyatt comes on over. These two will start remembering back in the day when they were a teen couple and let’s just say the memories overwhelm them.

These two are unattached and seemingly healthy, so what’s the harm in letting nature take its course? It’s just that not too long ago he was telling strangers on the street how in love he was with Sally (Courtney Hope).

Is he really over her, or is Flo about to find out what rebound feels like at the same time she’s buying that home pregnancy kit?

Meanwhile, skanky Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) plants yet another whopper on Hope’s (Annika Noelle) kisser. Does this guy have no conscience?

Everyone has been telling him to lay off grieving Hope, from Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) to Liam. Either he’s tone deaf or has punched a one-way ticket to psycho-stalker town. I hope it’s the latter because crazed wacko is so much more entertaining than a simple audiology test.

Thomas basks in the glory of knowing that his charade is working and that Hope wants Liam to be a double daddy to her rival’s girls.

Full of himself, he kisses the troubled blonde. What does she do in response? Her reaction is priceless, and definitely not what would be expected!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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