Thaao Penghlis exits Days of our Lives as Tony DiMera after four decades

Thaao Penghlis on the red carpet
Thaao’s has left Days of our Lives for good. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.comXavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Days of our Lives star Thaao Penghlis confirmed he left the show after four decades as Tony DiMera.

Thaao debuted as Tony in 1981, bringing the DiMera family to Salem.

Later, he went on to play Andre DiMera in a very unexpected twist.

Although the talented actor hasn’t been a regular on Days for quite a while, Tony and Anna (Leann Hunley) have popped back into Salem for brief stints.

Sadly, that will no longer be the case, and Days of Our Lives won’t get any closure for Tony being MIA, at least for now.

The actor revealed he officially exited the hit daytime drama and explained why he’s done with soaps.

Thaao Penghlis exits Days of our Lives as Tony DiMera after four decades

Speaking with Soap Opera News to promote his book Seducing Celebrities One Meal at a Time, Thaao dropped a bombshell. The actor left not just Days but the soap world behind.

When discussing what it was like to play a villain, Thaao expressed that he was moving on from the soap world.

“You know, I’m moving on. Sometimes you have to be pushed out of the door in order to refresh yourself. Out create them,” he expressed, adding, “I’m leaving the soap world. There are changes happening that I can’t discuss right now. It feels like it’s coming from somewhere else, maybe with a different writer. When people start taking you for granted, you change. I love where I am now. It’s a sort of awakening.”

The actor also explained that he cherishes his time on Days of our Lives and the close friendship he has built. However, Thaao has also discovered some connections he thought were genuine were not, hinting at some turmoil happening with him in the soap world recently.

Days of our Lives star Thaao Penghlis expresses ‘gratitude’ and ‘thanks’

Due to things changing on the Peacock soap, Tony will stay out of town with an occasional reference for now.

“It’s time to move on and appreciate the time that’s been spent,” Thaao shared.

After all his years in the soap world, not just on Days but also on General Hospital, Thaao had some words for fans and those who have supported him.

“At this stage, the support from people has been important. Their questions about our plan and their appreciation means a lot. I’m grateful for being able to entertain for so many years,” he stated. “The fans who have been there throughout the years mean a lot to me. I’m really thankful.”

Thaao Penghlis may not have been a series regular on Days for a while, but that doesn’t mean his exit news doesn’t sting. Days of our Lives fans could always count on a fun treat when Anna and Tony popped back into Salem.

Tony and Thaao will be missed that’s for sure. The news of Thaao’s leaving comes as the show prepares to say good time to another long-time vet, Arianne Zucker.

What do you think of Thaao saying goodbye to soaps?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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Viola Wahnon
Viola Wahnon
1 month ago

Thaao was one of my very favorite actors. I miss him and with a heavy heart will miss Nicole. Won’t be the same without her on DAYS. Too many changes! Not as good as it use to be.

1 month ago

I hate that the actors are leaving that we love, Tony and Anna were so much fun. Nicole needs to stay too