Scorpio returns to General Hospital: is he Anna’s last hope?

Tristan Rogers as Scorpio on General Hospital.
Tristan Rogers is returning in the role of Robert Scorpio. Pic Credit: ABC

General Hospital fans can raise a collective cheer as it’s being reported that the one and only Tristan Rogers will reprise his role as Robert Scorpio this month.

According to, the beloved fan fave returns during the last week of January, just as his ex Anna (Finola Hughes) is in the middle of a mysterious and tragic event.

Will he bring with him the cure for her mysterious and fleeting blindness? Don’t count him out, as the WSB superspy seemingly can do anything he puts his Aussie mind to!

We last saw Scorpio this past August when Anna, Finn (Michael Easton), and Chase (Josh Swickard) had their hands full with Cassandra Pierce.

Last week Anna suddenly fainted and when she awoke she could not see. Finn was beside himself as Anna was taken to the hospital and underwent an emergency procedure. The snarky doc even had the nerve to accuse Griffin (Matt Cohen) of having a terrible bedside manner!

The doctors had no idea what caused her issue, but were determined to help the lovely lady spy. She underwent a laser surgery and woke up with bandages on her eyes. Griffin later told Anna that the surgery went without complication, which was great news. Finn and Anna held their collective breath as the bandages were slowly taken off. Could Anna see?

You bet she could, and GH fans cheered because the last thing Port Charles needs is Anna impaired in any way against fighting the bad guys.

But what caused her sudden loss of vision? Griffin looked perplexed as he scanned the test results and found strange markers. When Finn took a look, he realized that the virus that caused the blindness is something that he has never before seen in North America: No one knows how she contracted it!  

Will Scorpio swoop in to save the day? Be sure to tune in and find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays during the day on ABC.

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