New General Hospital opening montage, yay or nay?

General Hospital opening credit screen grab
A still taken from the new opening credits of General Hospital. Pic Credit: ABC

General Hospital is wasting no time ushering in new changes in the New Year, with fresh opening credits debuting on yesterday’s episode. Of course the show has mixed the opening montage up from time to time, usually to mixed response.

This time though fans were quick to register their thoughts about the newbie opener. We gotta warn you, watch at your own risk if you’re vertigo or seizure prone because the faces whiz by at an amazing pace!  

The new opening sequence is sped up to a lightening quick pace with the usual GH score, and there’s Sonny (Maurice Benard) first up, large and in charge as it should be, followed by Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), oops, I’ve lost track already, that’s how fast the faces flip from one to the next!

You might mistake the portraits for mugshots if it weren’t for the semi-smiles and glossed up make-up and hair. If you’re expecting shots of the iconic General Hospital you’re out of luck, but there is a sort of faded skyline at the end with the show’s title superimposed on it. Overall the look is white hot, but check it out to see what I mean.

But don’t get too used to this newbie look, because Nathan Varni, ABC Current Series Executive, tweeted that the opening sequence will be changing again.

If you’re wondering what the previous opener looked like, it featured fewer characters at a slower pace, superimposed over a dark backdrop of the fictional town of Port Charles, NY.

Some fans are pleased with the opener noting that Kin Shriner is featured as Scott Baldwin.

One viewer had a suggestion for changing up the pictures.

And to that a fan responded that the GH brass just needs to slow down the montage like they did!

Tell us what you think about GH’s new opener!

General Hospital airs weekdays during the day on ABC.

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