Mother’s Day 2019: The all-time best and worst soap moms

Rena Sofer as Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful.
Quinn is one of the more over-the-top moms across the soap world. Pic credit: CBS

Soap fans know there are three things certain in life — death (and back from the dead comebacks), taxes, and moms! Everyone has a mom, and on daytime tv, there are plenty of memorable mothers — for all the right and wrong reasons.

Soaps are filled with long-suffering moms, and not all are deserving of candy hearts and roses!

On this Mother’s Day, there are only four remaining soaps on the air. Each one has a stunning stand-out mom that deserves some soapy recognition as we remember our own moms on this special day.

The Young and the Restless

It would be so wrong to omit Dina (Marla Adams) from this list as she’s been both the best and the worst mom at some point on The Young and the Restless. Back in the day, Dina never met a man or a martini she didn’t like, and eventually, she dumped her husband and young kids to enjoy the party life.

Wait, there’s more! Dina returned to Genoa City in 2017, looking to make amends for all those mean things she said and did. Her son Jack (Peter Bergman) was all grown up and happy to welcome her back, while Ashley (Eileen Davidson) gave her the kiss off. You know what they say, karma’s a bee and what goes around comes around!

There will be no happy ending for Dina after all. She has Alzheimer’s, and each lingering day is torture for her family.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn (Rena Sofer) is another well-intentioned, but misguided, mom. For all her stunning beauty, her weak spot is son Wyatt (Darin Brooks). She once kidnapped his amnesiac love rival and distracted him by saying they were a couple named, Adam and Eve! If that’s not love, what is?

General Hospital

Lila Quartermaine is the ultimate General Hospital mom. Portrayed by the late Anna Lee from 1978 until 2003, she was gracious and saucy and a world-class pickle maker! Saint Lila was married to cranky, irascible Edward (John Ingle), and many couldn’t see why she would give him the time of day.

Let’s not forget, Lila had skeletons in her closet. She was a bigamist, marrying Edward while still married to Crane Tolliver — a fact discovered in 1981!

Days of our Lives

Beautiful, young Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) deserves to be mom-of-the-year after losing her baby Holly, multiple times. If that sounds like a conundrum, it is, but this is soapland where anything and everything is possible!

Nicole has just come back from the dead, and during that time, she obviously was separated from her precious Holly. Before she could grab hold of her baby this week, the tot died in a gruesome car crash.

Not really! The crash was staged by Nicole’s evil husband, but in the meantime, she is destroyed. Let’s hope that by next Mother’s Day, she gets to be the mom she deserves!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the soap loving moms out there!

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