Micahel Mealor opens up about The Young and the Restless, teases Kyle’s emotional family reunion

Kyle returns to The Young and the Restless and Michael Mealor previews what's to come.
Kyle returned to Genoa City only to have his world explode. Pic credit: CBS

Michael Mealor has opened up about his return to The Young and the Restless while also teasing Kyle’s emotional family reunion.

The moment Y&R viewers have been waiting to happen is finally here. Less than a year after Michael exited the role and Kyle headed off to Milan with Summer (Hunter King), the character and actor are back.

Kyle and Michael aren’t back for a short stint either. They will be sticking around the CBS soap opera, which is music to fans’ ears.

Michael Mealor opens up about The Young and the Restless return

The talented actor has revealed how his return to The Young and the Restless went down. In an interview with ET Canada, Michael spilled the phone call that guided him back to daytime drama.

“When they called me up and told me about the storyline, I got chills. I was so excited. If there’s ever a storyline for Kyle to move back from Italy and me to return to the show, then this is it,” he shared.

Michael is thrilled to reunite with Peter Bergman (Jack) and share screen time with Susan Walters, who plays Kyle’s not-so-dead mom Diane.

“When they called me to say they had already hired Susan to come back, immediately my excitement went through the roof because it’s not just some actress I didn’t know, it’s Susan Walters who I grew up watching on TV,” the actor expressed.

What can Y&R viewers expect from Kyle’s return?

Along with revealing his excitement over returning to the hit CBS show, Michael teased what’s coming up for Kyle and his emotional family reunion. The Young and the Restless preview video features Kyle breaking down to Traci (Beth Maitland).

Michael spilled being a full-time father to Harrison (Kellen Enriquez) has changed Kyle. He’s not the same man that left last summer. Kyle has matured a lot over his time away, but the news his mother is alive will test that newfound maturity.

“At the end of the day, he’s a little boy who lost his mom, and I think everyone can relate to that. I think Kyle is wrestling with joy that his mom is alive, but also the fact that she chose not to be here for 20 years,” the actor explained.

There’s one thing fans can count on for sure. The reunion between Diane and Kyle will not disappoint. Grab some tissues, Y&R viewers, because many emotional scenes are coming up that are guaranteed to be tear-jerkers.

Are you excited Kyle and Michael are back?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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2 years ago

Yes! But do us all a favor and get Harrison a hair cut so he will stop looking like a cute little girl with all that beautiful long wavy hair! Find a way to show Ashland rigged Victoria ‘s car too! Rey would not have killed anyone deliberately even with the fog! I think Ashland is lying about the accident period!Jess

2 years ago

I just saw whereRey had a massive heart attack but that doesn’t mean Ashland is still free of guilt as many of us think that Ashland messed with Victoria’s car too, hoping he could recue her and save her life! Not knowing why Rey crashed his car! yet!