Laura Webber on General Hospital will bring down Ryan!

Laura being sworn in as mayor on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

There’s a new sheriff, er make that mayor, in town, and it’s Laura Webber, not Laura Collins!

Yesterday soap legend Genie Francis gave a powerhouse performance as Laura, a woman taking back her life, her identity and swearing to bring justice to Port Charles.  

What’s the fuss all about? Prior to her inauguration ceremony, that lout Ryan/Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) tried to rain on her parade by confronting her and demanding the divorce be finalized.

Holding on to what must have been her last shred of hope for her future, Laura told him no and get lost. Today is her day, and it will be about her swearing in, not about their sad sack of a marriage.

He persists and she rants about throwing everything away to be with his new mistress Ava (Maura West). In the end Laura admits that she’s waiting for the old Kevin to come to his senses.

Of course she has no idea that the real Kevin is languishing away under lock and key, the victim of demented twin Ryan who is masquerading as the good twin and the love of Laura’s life.

Laura puts her big girl pants on as she’s being sworn in, and halts the ceremony. She takes off her wedding ring and says that Laura Webber, not Laura Collins, is now ready to become mayor. You go girl!

Strength and sincerity have always been Laura’s superpowers and now that she has the power of authority it will be sweet revenge when she finally takes down dastardly Ryan.

How can we be so sure she will have a huge role in bringing the evil-doer to justice? Her first act as mayor was to get with Police Commissioner Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) and request a full briefing on the serial killer plaguing Port Charles. The writing is in on the wall: Not only will Laura realize that Kevin is back, she will be instrumental in taking him down.

Welcome back to GH, Laura Webber!

General Hospital airs weekdays during the day on ABC.

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