Kristian Alfonso returns to Days of our Lives for Bill Hayes’ tribute: Is Peter Reckell next?

Kristian Alfonso as Hope Brady on Days
Hope is back for Doug’s funeral on Days. Pic credit: Peacock

Kristian Alfonso has returned to Days of our Lives for the Billy Hayes tribute episode.

When Bill passed away in January, Days fans knew Doug Williams’ funeral would be coming.

Since then, there has been the question of whether Kristian should return to Salem for the funeral.

After all, it wouldn’t make sense to say goodbye to Doug without his daughter.

Now we know that Kristian has reprised the role of Hope for the tribute, which coincides with the Days of our Lives 15,000 episode.

The actress recently spoke about what it was like to be on set for such a heartfelt occasion.

Kristian Alfonso returns to Days of our Lives for the Bill Hayes tribute

Speaking with TV Insider, Kristian revealed that she had already begun filming the episodes surrounding Doug’s death. It was a bittersweet return for the talented actress.

“My return is very bittersweet because it is the end of an era with Bill gone. So to return to Days is very sad. I am appreciative that they came to me to include me in their series of shows honoring Doug and I’m very happy to see everyone, but I’m entering the studio with a heavy heart,” she told the outlet.

Kristian also revealed that she was supposed to work with Bill during her last stint on Days of Our Lives, but it didn’t happen. She explained that a story was written where she would have had a scene with Bill upon Hope’s return to Salem.

“I’m sad that I did not get the opportunity to do the storyline that Ron had planned,” Kristian expressed, referring to Days head writer Ron Carlivati.

Hope being back can’t help but make us wonder if Peter Reckell will return as Bo, too.

Is Peter Reckell returning to Days for the Bill Hayes tribute?

As of this writing, there has been no confirmation that Peter and Bo will be back on screen for Doug’s funeral. Peter has expressed more than once that he is all in for a Days of our Lives return.

The actor also loved Bill dearly, so having him back for the tribute would be a gift all around.

Just because there has been no confirmation of Peter’s coming back doesn’t mean it won’t happen. One problem, though, has to do with Bo still being in a coma. Granted, Bo could wake up off-screen just before the funeral, but fans would miss his reunion with Hope.

At this point, we know Kristian doesn’t want to bring Hope back for good, so waking Bo up off-screen so Peter and Bo can be part of the special episodes would be fine with us.

Kristian Alfonso has returned to Days of our Lives as Hope Brady and will be back on screen in late November as the tribute episodes to Bill Hayes air.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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Colleen E Braun
Colleen E Braun
1 month ago

Loved watching Bill and the love in his eyes for Hope was always felt thru the screen! Loved watching and always cheering for Hope and Bo Brady!!! My favorite couple! May Bill RIP 🙏♥️🙏