Jen Lilley calls out Days of our Lives over Theresa Donovan recast blindside

Jen Lilley as Theresa Donovan on Days.
Jen has put Days on blast for how the show handled Theresa’s recasting. Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives alum Jen Lilley has called out the Peacock soap over the recent Theresa Donovan recast drama.

Last month, Jen brought Theresa back to Salem for Victor’s (John Aniston) funeral.

Jen opened up about her return to reveal she was supposed to film for several weeks.

However, a couple of weeks in, Jen learned Days had recast the role.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Emily O’Brien will step into the role of Theresa next week.

Now Jen has spoken her truth about how the recast went down while also showing her support for Emily.

Jen Lilley opens up about Days of our Lives brief return as Theresa Donovan

There have been various reports about what Jen has said regarding what happened at Days of our Lives.

This week, Jen shared her side of the story with PEOPLE magazine. Jen admitted to being a little bit blindsided by the entire situation.

It all started when she reached out to the powers that be following John Aniston’s death. The actress puts feelers out to bring Theresa back when the show said goodbye to Victor and honored John.

“It would make sense for Theresa, and it would also make sense for Jen Lilley to honor John Aniston,” she shared with the outlet while revealing her close bond with John.

In early 2023, Jen was asked to return for a 12-week run that would begin with honoring John and Victor. However, Jen could not commit to three months due to her very busy schedule.

Jen could commit to four weeks, and the show agreed. She assumed she would film the full 12 weeks of episodes during her four weeks, but that was not the case.

Jen Lilley calls out Days over Theresa Donovan recast

During her second week of filming, Jen started getting fewer scripts. It didn’t make sense because she had so much to film.

Jen learned the role was recast with Emily, which was decided weeks before. When Emily confirmed she knew she was taking over as Theresa for weeks, Jen hugged her.

“That’s not cool to do to Emily,” Jen told PEOPLE magazine.

The GAC family star admitted Emily got the short end of the deal and that Days handled the recast situation in the worst possible way.

“I don’t know whether it was a budgetary thing or a scheduling thing where they just couldn’t work the schedule out so everybody could do it. I don’t know their reasoning. It’s a little befuddling, but I still am really grateful that I got to go back,” she expressed.

Jen Lilley hopes nothing but the best for Emily O’Brien as she takes over as Theresa Donovan on Days. In fact, she even requested that fans be kind to Emily, who was put in the most awkward and unkind situation.

After her last episode as Theresa, Jen shared a heartfelt message to fans for supporting her all these years. You can read her heartfelt words here.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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9 months ago

Umm this is really stupid! How can enemy play a character that has no accent? It’s nit like the Ben situation where he left Salem
But not the show so they had to recast him as Alex! This isn’t the same thing. And Jen Lilly cannot be replaced!