Is Taylor a danger to Lope’s baby on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Taylor, Steffy and Brooke on The Bold and the Beautiful
Steffy, Brooke and Taylor on The Bold and the Beautiful. Pic credit: Howard Wise/

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are witnessing Hurricane Taylor run amok in L.A. but will the consequences of her sound and fury be horrifically epic or even deadly?

This week Taylor has gone just about stark raving mad, most recently yelling at Hope (Annika Noelle) about how she ruined Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) life.

Prior to this she had a dust-up with Steffy herself, ranting about how Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and her mini-me daughter have been allowed to get away with too much.

That time hero Liam (Scott Clifton) appeared and put the kibosh on the madness. He knows the truth about unhinged Taylor being the one who shot his dad Bill (Don Diamont).

His alarm was for his baby, even wondering if Taylor should be around an infant in her state of mind. In the end he capitulated, allowing the shrink to have supervised visits with her granddaughter.

But things went from bad to worse when Taylor vented her wrath on pregnant Hope, making veiled threats. Once again heroic Liam swooped in to save the day and cut short Taylor’s madness.

Stunned by the depth of Tay-Tay’s anger and vengefulness, Liam dropped the bomb about her shooting Bill. Hope was incredulous! How could Liam have kept the truth from her? Not only was Taylor a menace to the public, Liam and — gasp — Steffy had lied to her again.

But today Taylor is a category 5 when she attacks Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). Meow, catfight anyone?!

It’s clear that Taylor is setting in motion an epic dramatic explosion of soaptastic proportions. Will she be sent to jail for her crime? Will Lope break up due to Liam’s betrayal? Or will Taylor prove a danger to Lope’s baby?

Spoiler alert: B&B has sent out a casting call for identical Caucasian babies who could pass as preemies (plural). Does this mean that Hope is about to have a premature birth (of twins or triplets no less)? Be sure to stay tuned and see how this fantastic unraveling storyline climaxes!

 The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays during the day on CBS.

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