Is Taggert dead on General Hospital?

Real Andrews as Marcus Taggert on General Hospital.
Marcus Taggert appears to have died on General Hospital. Pic credit: ABC

Taggert on General Hospital is a blast from the past. Real Andrews is back in the role he originated in the late ’90s and played until 2003.

After almost 20 years away from Port Charles, Marcus Taggert is back and in the middle of the mob war.

Initially, Taggert’s appearance on General Hospital was suspicious. Viewers knew his history with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton), but his past with Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry) came as quite a shock.

Who is Taggert on General Hospital?

Marcus Taggert on General Hospital is a man with many connections. He worked on the police force back in the day and then went undercover in the DEA with Jordan and two other men.

They infiltrated Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) organization, and now that he has moved to Port Charles, both Taggert and Jordan are in trouble.

It was also recently learned that Taggert on General Hospital is also the father of Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla). Her connection to him landed her and Cam (William Lipton) in trouble when Cyrus’ men kidnapped them.

Fortunately, Jason was able to help Curtis (Donnell Turner) save the kids, but Taggert was shot in the process.

Trying to put bad blood aside, Taggert approached Sonny and Jason about working together to eliminate Cyrus. Given their history, the olive branch came as a shock.

Now, Jason is putting the pieces together about Taggert and Jordan and their connection to Cyrus.

Will Taggert die on General Hospital?

While Taggert was saved on General Hospital by Curtis and transported to the hospital, it looks like he may have died.

He was awake and talking following his transport into surgery. His conversation with Sonny made it appear that he was saying his final words when he asked him to take care of Trina.

As it turns out, Taggert on General Hospital is believed to be dead. He reportedly suffered from a blood clot that went undetected. While all signs appear that is the case, some viewers aren’t so sure.

Could his death be a hoax to get Cyrus to stop acting out by thinking that Taggert is dead? That would be three of the four DEA agents dead, but what about Jordan?

There are a lot of questions about Taggert on General Hospital. Why would the writers bring him back after almost 20 years to kill him off? They gave him Trina as his daughter and his feud with Sonny was revisited.

Is Marcus Taggert dead on General Hospital? Be sure to tune in to find out!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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