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Is Sarah coming back to Days of our Lives?

Days of our Lives: Is Sarah returning to NBC show?
Xander has found love with Gwen, so it’s time for Sarah to return to Salem, right? Pic credit: NBC

Is Sarah coming back to Days of Lives? That’s the question fans are asking after the fall promo and because of Xander’s (Paul Telfer) burgeoning romance with Gwen (Emily O’Brien).

In the soap opera world, it’s a given that something or someone will inevitably cause trouble once a couple finds happiness. Gwen and Xander just admitted their feelings for each other on Days.

Naturally, viewers are wondering if Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) is coming back to town.

What happened to Sarah on Days?

Before discussing if Sarah is coming back to the hit NBC show, let’s do a little refresher on what happened to Sarah.

On Xander and Sarah’s wedding day, she learned that Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) was impersonating Susan (Stacy Haiduk). It was a case of wrong place and the wrong time, which resulted in Kristen kidnapping Sarah to keep her secret.

The only problem was Xander wouldn’t stop looking for his lady love. Kristen donned a Sarah mask and connived Rex (Kyle Lowder) that she wanted him back. Xander caught them making out before “Sarah” dumped him. “Sarah” then ditched Rex too.

Kristen drugged the real Sarah, putting her in a trunk to take her to one of Stefano’s (Joseph Mascolo) remote islands. Sarah has remained there since spring, with no one in Salem being the wiser.

Is Sarah coming back to Days of our Lives?

There is good news for Sarah fans. All signs point to Sarah coming back to Days of our Lives.

It was the perfect time because of Xander and Gwen’s romance, and the fall promo teased it. Yes, the Days preview video focused a lot on Marlena’s (Deidre Hall) possession. However, it also featured news about Sarah that will undoubtedly impact Xander.

The hit daytime drama is known for having characters disappear off-screen for a while to jump-start a new story or shake things up. This wouldn’t even be the first time the writers have done this with Sarah.

In December 2019, when Sarah and Eric (Greg Vaughan) exited for a few weeks, they thought Rachel was their daughter Mickey and took the baby to Boston for cancer treatments.

Plus, Linsey left the show on good terms. She also just appeared at a fan event, which is another good sign Sarah’s coming home.

There is no question that Sarah is coming back to Days of our Lives. As for how or when that happens, Days fans will just have to keep watching.

Do you want Sarah to come back, or do you like Xander with Gwen?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.