Is Phyllis leaving The Young and the Restless: Phyllis squeals for full immunity in the J.T. case

Phyllis on The Young and the Restless
Phyllis snitches and ends up with immunity on The Young and the Restless. Pic credit: CBS

Today on The Young and the Restless Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) does the unthinkable and rats out the others in the J.T. murder investigation in order to gain immunity. Christine (Lauralee Bell) gives her freedom in return for her insider info, but who’s going to protect Red once she hits the streets?

When news of Phyllis’ betrayal gets out there will be heck to pay, and the witness protection program can’t save her from the wrath of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

Will Phyllis have to turn tail and flee now that she’s turned informant?

That remains to be seen, but what is certain is that her deal with the D.A. will ruin her red hot romance with Nick (Joshua Morrow). And really, is there anything else worth staying in town for?

Phyllis has the evidence Christine needs and Phyllis signs a sworn statement. Then the snitch fest begins as she recounts what really went down the night J.T. died.

She tries to put a good spin on it, claiming J.T. would have killed Victoria (Amelia Heinle) if Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) hadn’t whacked him first, thus the murder was justified.

Undeterred, Christine wants the evidence and Phyllis tells her about the infamous fireplace poker, the video of them moving the body, and the cellphone. All that bounty isn’t enough though, where’s the body, darn it?

Trying to save herself, Phyllis gives up Mariah (Camryn Grimes) admitting that she was also there that fateful night.

Later, Mariah is hauled down to the station and grilled by Christine. Of course, the party girl was drunk that night, so there’s not much she can reveal. But she does admit to knowing more than she let on.

Eventually, Phyllis is given her walking papers, but I’d ask for an escort to my car if I were her! Will Phyllis go home to face the music or is she about to make a run for the border?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays during the day on CBS.

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