Is Nikolas coming back to General Hospital?

Nikolas Cassadine played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital
Will Nikolas Cassadine pop back up in Port Charles? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital fans are wondering again if Nikolas Cassadine is coming back to General Hospital. Why all the speculation?

Yesterday the evil titan’s name was on everyone’s lips in Port Charles or so it seemed. Of course, Tyler Christopher starred in the role for ages, and now that he’s left Days of our Lives, rumors are rife that he is set to reprise the role of the hunky Cassadine heir.

Of course, Nikolas is presumed dead after a nasty fall off a balcony, but in soaps everyone has 19 lives!

Since Christopher has exited the role of Stefan on DOOL, he is available to return to GH if the stars and contract negotiations align.

But yesterday, he was also the topic of conversation on GH. This led hopeful fans to burn up social media with a lot of speculation that all of the mentions mean he (or another actor) is set to bring Nikolas back.

Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) herself is back on the canvas and keeps talking about how being with the evil prince was the best part of her life. She also met up with Nik’s son Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel). Together they reminisced about his father and shared happy memories.

On air, Lulu (Emme Rylan) also mentioned how Nik forgave Britt for stealing an embryo. Yep, true love for sure!

What do you think GH fans, does all this chatter portend that something significant is in the air? What are the chances that Christopher or a complete recast bring the conflicted prince back to Port Chuck? Christopher starred in the role off and on from 1996-2016.

No matter who portrays Greek god Nik, if indeed he is coming back, there are plenty of plot points for him to engage in. His son Spencer is back, as is Britt. Then there’s the little matter of avenging his death!

General Hospital airs weekdays during the day on ABC.

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