Is Morgan coming back to General Hospital?

Bryan Craig as Morgan Corinthos
Morgan is missed on General Hospital

General Hospital has been teasing viewers with dropping Morgan Corinthos’ name for years now. The last few months have really been intense, which made some question whether or not a return was in the cards for the beloved character.

There was speculation that Bryan Craig would return to General Hospital to reprise the role several times since his exit back in 2016. He appeared at the beginning of this year, but only for a one-time deal.

Morgan Corinthos was killed in a car bombing, but his body was never found. There is a plot in the Port Charles cemetery where his headstone lies. So much has happened with General Hospital, a Morgan revival isn’t too far-fetched.

A while back, Bryan Craig was posting about appearing on “GH” again. It was a tease because he will be part of the new show Grand Hotel in the fall. Fans were disappointed to learn the truth, especially given the hints the General Hospital writers had been dropping.

Moving forward, it is unclear what the future holds for Morgan Corinthos. Bryan Craig doesn’t seem like he’s about to return right now, but a recast isn’t totally out of the question. Given that he “died” in a car bombing, a different appearance wouldn’t have fans bat an eye.

With the revival of several dead characters in the past, General Hospital could bring back Morgan Corinthos at any time.

Right now, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) are still mourning the death of the child they shared together. This has been part of an ongoing storyline and unless they plan to stop milking it, it doesn’t look like Morgan Corinthos will be returning to General Hospital any time soon.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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