Is Kristina leaving on General Hospital?

Kristina talking to Sonny on General Hospital
Kristina just got back to Port Charles, is she leaving again? Pic credit: ABC

It would be a heartbreak for General Hospital fans to lose amazing actress Lexi Ainsworth this week in the aftermath of the explosion at Charlie’s Pub.

She’s just come back from an absence, and the fan fave has been on fire in a front-burner storyline involving a life and death situation. She just keeps getting better and better as time goes on!

Yesterday, we saw the heroic young woman act fast when it was clear that there was gas leaking downstairs at the pub. Upstairs she had just been hired by Julian (William deVry) and the place was full of patrons.

She rushed back into Charlie’s to retrieve the wrench Mike (Max Gail) had used to knock the gas pipes loose. Unfortunately, she tripped while trying to exit the building and the fumes helped render her unconscious.

Jason (Steve Burton) rushed in to save Kristina when Sonny (Maurice Benard) noticed she wasn’t outside with Mike. As things intensified, the building exploded.

Is Kristina leaving on General Hospital? That’s a fate you must tune in today to find out! The action scenes are incredible, and we promise that Jason will have a lot to do with how this scary scenario turns out.

In the aftermath of the horrific event, lots of drama is on tap, as Mike will be shocked at what he’s done, and the cops will arrive at the scene.

Chase (Josh Swickard) will start asking questions, and a panicked Sonny worries about his buried body and gun being discovered.

But speculation has it that Julian might do Sonny a solid favor and cover for him with the PCPD. No doubt Sonny would be grateful for the save, but would Julian be safe being in Sonny’s bullseye? He’s already hired his daughter Kristina to bartend, a move sure to frost the mobster’s shorts.

If Sonny now owes him for saving his bacon, the Dimpled Don may find it easier to neutralize his enemy rather than be indebted to him!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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