Is Kayla leaving Days of our Lives?

Mary Beth Evans os Kayla Brady Johnson on Days.
Kayla’s future on Days appears to be in question. Pic credit: Peacock

Is Kayla leaving Days of our Lives? That’s a question Days fans are asking after the veteran character appeared to meet her maker on a recent episode.

The latest spoilers for the hit Peacock soap opera teased that Salem was rocked by death thanks to Orpheus (George DelHoyo) poisoning three fan favorites last fall.

By now, it’s no secret that Kate (Lauren Koslow), Marlena (Deidre Hall), and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) were given a deadly virus as part of Orpheus’ revenge on their significant others.

The orchid Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) used to keep the virus at bay was stolen, putting the lives of all three women in dire straits.

Last week Kate was the first to succumb to the virus. This week kicked off with Kayla appearing to have been the next one to die, but is she really dead?

Let’s take a look at what we know.

Is Kayla leaving Days of our Lives?

All signs point to Kayla leaving Days, but fans know that nothing is as it seems in Salem. The fall promo video kicked off this storyline by teasing Kayla, calling her mom Caroline (Peggy McCay) before she ends up seeing a familiar face in heaven.

Then the winter promo reveals the three ladies do, in fact, die. However, the three ladies die and end up together in heaven, taking the storyline to a new level.

Now the odds of Kayla staying dead are pretty slim. Kayla and Steve (Stephen Nichols) have been a supercouple since the 1980s, and they are just as popular of a couple today as they were back then.

That being said, to do a storyline where fan favorites’ lives are in jeopardy and have all of them live doesn’t really have a big payoff. There’s already speculation from Days fans that the women will find their way back to their loved ones. 

Think back to when several Salem residents died because of a serial killer, only to be found alive on a different island. Something along those lines may happen in this case, but fans will have to keep watching.

Does Mary Beth Evans want to leave Days?

Adding more fuel to the fire Kayla isn’t leaving Days of our Lives is the fact that Mary Beth has not given any indication she plans to leave the show. Mary Beth and Stephen constantly show how much fun they have together on the hit soap opera.

The actress has been playing Kayla since 1986. Although she left for a while to play roles on General Hospital and As The World Turns, Mary Beth has been back on Days since 2006.

Be sure to keep watching the hit daytime drama to see if Kayla really dies or if heaven gives her a second chance at life.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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1 year ago

I wish I could watch it! Cannot since it went to PEACOCK! Watched it for years!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy

I went with Peacock to continue to watch DOOL. I got a special offer of only $1.99/month for a year…not sure what it will go up to after the year ends…maybe $4.99/month. Hope you can get Peacock in your area?

Last edited 1 year ago by G S
1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy

You can also watch on the W network, that’s where I watch it now.