Is Julie leaving Days of our Lives?

Julie on Days of our Lives
Julie on Days of our Lives — is she leaving the soap? Pic credit: NBC

After today’s episode of Days of our Lives, worried soap fans have been left wondering if Julie is leaving — and with good reason! Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) is a lovable busybody, but today she is on the wrong side of a vengeful vixen!

Julie knows that Abi (Kate Mansi) is really faking that her DID is back. Last week she swore to her friend that together they would take Gabi (Camila Banus) down for framing her. What she didn’t know then is that she would be the one taking a tumble.

Abi knows that Gabi is playing her but the full extent of her dirty dealings is revealed in a shocking way today when Julie confronts Gabi.

Julie busts into Gabi’s room to find proof of Gabi’s shenanigans. Unfortunately Gabi catches Julie in the act. Let’s just say the exchange gets a bit heated as these two she-devils go after each other — meow!

Gabi doesn’t buy Julie’s excuses and so the sneaky lady admits that she’s tossing the room for evidence and the name-calling starts up again.

But, Julie grabs a letter, reads it and discovers the shocking truth that Chad (Billy Flynn) is Abi’s baby daddy!

Just like that she slaps Gabi into next week and swears that she will pay for her deceit. Panicking, Gabi starts to sputter but Julie runs out with plans to spill the beans. Gabi catches up with her at the top of the stairs and you can imagine the soapy climax that comes next!

Yep, they tug and tussle at the letter and each other, and then poor Julie drops down the stairs like a bag full of Santa’s lumps of coal. Chad and Sonny (Freddie Smith) hear the commotion and come running.

Spoiler Alert: Julie is taken to the hospital and it doesn’t look good. There’s nothing to suggest that Julie is actually leaving DOOL but after a 50th anniversary Days of our Lives tribute last week, no one could blame the grande dame if she’s ready to call it a Day!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays during the day on NBC.

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