Is Jennifer leaving Days of our Lives? She’s leaving Salem!

Melissa Reeves as Jennifer on Days of our Lives
Jennifer is leaving Salem, but is it for good? Pic credit: NBC

Is Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) leaving Days of our Lives is a valid question now that she’s leaving Salem after watching her amnesiac husband Jack (Matthew Ashford) marry that minx Eve (Kassie DePaiva), leaving Jennifer heartbroken. How can she stand by and watch as the two make merry?

Jennifer and Jack had an epic love story that survived death, drama, and the typical soapy shenanigans. Yes, Jack has come back from the dead more than once.

This time around his arrival is fraught with more than the usual angst—he has amnesia! Since his arrival, he has stabbed their son J.J. (Casey Moss) in the back, something the old Jack never would have done.

Before he married Eve, we thought he had his senses back when he stared straight at Jennifer and stopped the wedding. But alas, it wasn’t his memory returning, it was a sixth sense that the officiant was playing dirty. He was right, and eventually, the wedding was made real.

Poor Jennifer, all she could do was look sad. But, she’s made of steel, and when Eve got in her face to gloat, Jack apologized. In the end, Jennifer wished them all the best. For now at least!

Later, she tells J.J. that this whole situation is just too much to handle. She can’t stand seeing Eve and Jack parading around town like two teenagers. Is she going to poison their punch?

Nope, Jennifer announced that she’s leaving town! Instead of wallowing in misery, she’s decided to take off and go see her daughter Abigail and her family.

How long will she be gone? There’s no indication if Jennifer is off the canvas temporarily, long-term, or forever.

Let’s hope that while she’s gone the blond fighter finds evidence that blows Jack out of the water and returns him to the man he used to be!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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