Who is Hayden on General Hospital, and is she coming back?

Rebecca Budig as Hayden Barnes on General Hospital
Will Hayden show up in Port Charles with a child in tow? Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital saw Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) exit Port Charles last fall.

The shock and disappointment her exit caused were not only felt on screen but also with some of the viewers.

Initially, she wasn’t very well liked but as her story developed, she became beloved among some viewers.

When Hayden Barnes left down, she wrecked Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). She was pregnant with their child and when she left, he lost everything.

Getting him to move past his wife’s death and learn to love again was tough and then Hayden decided to leave after they had been planning a future together.

On Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Finn is given a letter from Hayden. While he reads some of it out loud to Anna (Finola Hughes), she questions him about the spot he skipped over. What could Hayden say to him now, over a year later?

Viewers are questioning whether or not Rebecca Budig is set to reprise the role of Hayden Barnes on General Hospital. It is November sweeps and stranger things have happened, but is it the right time? Finn and Anna have a relationship blossoming and tearing his heart open again would be cruel.

When it was announced that Hayden would be written off, everyone was shocked. Rebecca Budig was not given an option to continue on, so would she want to return? Everything is currently up in the air and nothing has been confirmed.

Speculation about this return has been swirling for two weeks with various soap fans hinting that a return might be in the cards. If Hayden does end up back in Port Charles, will she have a bouncing baby (or toddler) in tow? This could change things in a big way, especially where Finn and Anna are concerned.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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