Is Gwen leaving Days of our Lives? Emily O’Brien confirmed as Theresa Donovan recast

Emily O’Brien as Gwen von Leuschner on Days
Emily has taken on a new role at Days. Pic credit: Peacock

Is Gwen leaving Days of our Lives? That’s the question on Days fans’ minds after the ending credits on the show confirmed Emily is the new Theresa Donovan.

There have been some crazy recasts in the past on Days of our Lives, but this one is for the books.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Jen Lilley recently opened up about signing on to reprise the role of Theresa for three months, only to learn a couple of weeks in the role was recast.

Jen didn’t reveal the recast name, but the hit Peacock show let it slip on Monday after Jen’s finale episode aired last week.

Emily was listed as the new Theresa, which has brought up a slew of questions, including what does that mean for Gwen?

Let’s take a look at what we know.

Is Gwen leaving Days of our Lives?

Emily will debut as Theresa on Monday, October 9, when Theresa and Brady (Eric Martsolf) return to Salem with a newly aged-teen, Tate (Jamie Martin Mann).

However, Gwen’s storyline with Dimitri (Peter Porte) and Leo (Greg Rikaart) has yet to be wrapped up. This week, Gwen finally confronted Leo about sleeping with her husband, only to learn Dimitri was shot.

Emily O'Brien playing two roles on Days.
Days of our Lives end credits confirm Emily O’Brien is the new Theresa Donovan. Pic credit: Peacock

Days our Lives spoilers tease that Dimitri gets payback on Gwen this week. Gwen did steal all of his money, so the storyline appears to be reaching the end or taking an unexpected twist.

All of this means that Emily will be pulling double duty for a while, at least. Unfortunately, the character of Gwen has kind of run her course, and with her on the outs with Leo, there’s no need for her to stick around Salem.

Then again, Emily may simply be playing both characters from this point forward. The writers could have something crazy planned for Gwen’s next big arc.

Days has been known to have an actor play more than one character on the show at the same time. Stacy Haiduk currently plays both Kristen DiMera and Susan Banks.

Emily has yet to speak out on her new role, but Jen has shown her support for the new Theresa.

Jen Lilley reacts to Emily O’Brien as new Theresa Donovan on Days

Taking to her Instagram Stories after Emily was confirmed as Theresa, Jen shared her interview with, writing across the article “FOR THE RECORD…I THINK EMILY IS A ROCKSTAR.”

Jen Lilley IG Story
Jen shows support for Emily as the new Theresa on Days. Pic credit: @jen_lilley/Instagram

Speaking with the outlet, Jen admitted that Emily will be put in a blonde wig to match Jen’s Theresa, which will certainly differentiate her from Gwen. Jen also made it clear she has nothing but love for Emily and wishes her the best of luck.

In fact, Jen felt bad for the situation that Emily was put in by producers.

“That poor girl has had to have conversations with me. How horrible she must have felt!” Jen spilled to The actress shared that she gave Emily a hug upon learning she was the new Theresa, saying to her, “That must be so awkward for you.”

It’s hard enough to be a recast, but in Jen’s opinion, what Days did to her and Emily was just so “unkind.”

Emily O’Brien will soon be playing dual roles on the hit Peacock soap opera.

What do you think about Emily being recast as Theresa?

Days of our Lives airs on weekdays on Peacock.

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9 months ago

The worst idea ever … If it can’t be Jen Lily ,then find someone else … It won’t work !

Mary Guere
Mary Guere
9 months ago

It’s the worst idea ever .. If it can’t be Jen Lily , then find someone else then !! It will be a big failure for ratings .

Linda Gauthier
Linda Gauthier
9 months ago

Leave Gwen as Gwen and put another actress in as thereas I like Gwen

9 months ago

I have nothing against Emily but I like Jenn as Theresa.