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Is Eli leaving Days of our Lives?

Will Eli die on Days of our Lives?
Thanks to a fight with TR on Days of our Lives, Eli’s life hangs in the balance. Pic credit: NBC

Is Eli leaving Days of our Lives? That’s the question Days fans are asking after the character was shot in the head and left for dead.

The hit NBC soap opera has been teasing the showdown between TR (William Christian) and Eli (Lamon Archey) for a few days. TR’s determined to make sure no one stops him from forging a relationship with his daughter, Lani (Sal Stowers).

Eli has become collateral damage in TR’s quest after the cop confronted TR over allegations of abuse and drug use made by his ex-girlfriend, Beth (Donielle Artese). As TR covers his tracks, Eli fights for his life.

Is Eli leaving Days of our Lives?

The recent turn of events involving Eli is shocking, considering the character just came back to the canvas. Eli was away for a couple of weeks to allow Lamon to wrap his brief stint on The CW show All American.

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal Eli’s family and friends worry he won’t survive his gunshot wound to the head. It’s something fans are worried about, too, especially considering Lamon has been working on other projects.

Chances are Eli won’t die. Lani and Eli are a pivotal couple on the daytime drama. Plus, Lani’s still reeling from the news that Paulina’s (Jackée Harry) really her bio mom, and Abe (James Reynolds) is not her bio dad.

Odds are the character will either end up in a coma or not remember what led to him getting shot. The writers are likely using Eli’s shooting as a way for TR to get closer to Lani while harboring deep dark secrets.

Is Lamon Archey exiting Days?

While chances are Eli isn’t leaving the hit NBC soap opera, that doesn’t mean his portrayer is sticking around. As mentioned above, Lamon has been on recurring status so he can pursue other roles.

Lamon has not indicated he has plans to exit the show or stop playing Eli. Although the actor did Tweet the preview video showing Eli getting shot, he mentioned nothing about saying goodbye.

On the off chance that Lamon suddenly shocks Days of our Lives fans with news of his exit, the role of Eli will likely be recast. In true soap opera fashion, Eli could end up in a coma for a while before a new actor takes over the role.

Then again, Eli could end up in a coma to allow Lamon the opportunity to work on another project.

So what does all of this mean? Simply put, all signs point to Eli sticking around the daytime drama. Elis shooting appears to be only for storyline purposes.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. Bring Eli back and get rid of the devil for good, its been drug out far too long, now be repulsive. It should have ended years ago with Marlena’s first possession.

    • PLEASE STOP the insanity of this hideous devil 👿 👺👺👺👺storyline!!! I am completely disgusted watching the character of Johnny as a host for the devil. I was never that crazy about the character of Johnny WITHOUT being possessed! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

    • I agree immensely!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not remove Eli from the show, and when he comes out of the comma please let him remember what happened to him and who shot him. Also, PLEASE PLEASE remove the devil from the show. I am so sick of the devil. With all the bad issues in the world, COVID, Ukraine, the economy, homeless people being kille etc, and all these issues are SATAN/the DEVIL. No one wants to see stories with the devil during these horrific times. There are more people talking about stop watching Days of our Lives because of the Devil character, and I am one of them. I have no idea what the producer and director are thinking about. I would like to ask the producers to create more positive/happy stories, and get the Devil out of the minds of people. Thanks

    • I just think it’s obvious every time we see Lani in the Hospital, clearly Eli isn’t in the bed. Do they think we don’t even notice it’s not the actor in bed but a body double? Now whether or not the actor is leaving the show, I don’t know, and if they choose to recast him, Ok, that’s fine. But truly no one is fooled by Lani just talking to no one in the hospital, they clearly do not show Eli.

  2. Stop the devil story line and keep Eli! The satanist story has played out. It’s not interesting and never has been. The soaps are supposed to be about real life situations and a way to take our minds off of our own lives. Although they are sometimes farfetched in the way they are handled, Days has never been so unrealistic as it has become this year. Satan is not welcome in Salem or anywhere else so PLEASE take him off Days!!!

  3. One would think the “Days” writers could come up with a better story line. The fans have grown very tired of the devil


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