Is Laura Wright leaving role as Carly on General Hospital?

Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos on General Hospital
Will Carly be Ryan’s next victim? Pic credit: ABC

Carly (Laura Wright) has found herself in the middle of some trouble on General Hospital. Not only is she fixated on who the patient next door to her was in Ferncliff, but she also let Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) know where she was headed with the search. How was she to know it isn’t Kevin Collins she has been confiding in all along?

At the end of Wednesday’s General Hospital episode, Ryan cursed Carly while at Ava’s (Maura West) home. Now, she is at the top of his list and many viewers are wondering if Carly Corinthos will be leaving Port Charles.

Will Carly leave General Hospital?

After seeing Ryan utter a threat against Carly, General Hospital fans are concerned about Carly’s fate. Each person who has gotten in his way or was on his radar since his escape has come up dead. Nurse Mary Pat (Pat Bethune) and Kiki Jerome both came up dead and now, it looks like Carly may end up the same way.

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There is no indication that Laura Wright plans to leave General Hospital and take the role of Carly with her. She has played the blonde-haired vixen since 2005 and now, she is a staple on the show. With everything that Carly is entangled with, having her killed off would leave too many loose ends in Port Charles.

Carly may be the one who discovers Kevin in Ferncliff

The chaos that is the Ryan Chamberlain storyline has caused some General Hospital viewers to get upset. It looks like it will be drawn out until at least February, but there is speculation that this will give Carly and Laura (Genie Francis) enough time to snoop around. The fixation with finding out if the person next door is okay is fueling her curiosity and Carly never quits.

As the Ryan Chamberlain saga continues, he will be going after Carly. His attempt to frame her for killing Mary Pat failed but he isn’t about to give up that easily. Will he attempt to kill Carly before he is taken down for good?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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