How old is Kate Roberts on Days of our Lives? Gorgeous Lauren Koslow is ageless!

Lauren Koslow as Kate Roberts on Days of our Lives back in 2016. Pic credit: NBC=

Days of our Lives fans are loving Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) being front and center these days, not to mention large and in charge.

If you’re wondering how old Kate is on DOOL, there is only one answer: ageless and priceless like the fine whine she can sometimes be!

Let’s face it, Kate is a sweet and sour dish to be sure. She loves her kids like crazy, but over the years she’s been involved in some pretty low down and dirty schemes. With son Rex (Kyle Lowder) now back in town, maybe this will help her finally turn over that new leaf she keeps referring to.

Yesterday these two came face to face and Kate was none too happy that she had to hear about his arrival from his dad. But after simmering down she got an earful about his latest antics, and surely this will have her busy meddling in the days to come!

Not only is she going to be busy interfering in Rex’s life, that sleaze ball ambulance chaser Ted (Gilles Marini) would like a chance to woo her. Given her horrible track record with indecent men, we’d say his chances are astronomically good.

Then there’s the whole business maven side of her. Recently she graciously stepped aside so that Chad would have the inside track at DiMera Enterprises as CEO. Aw, the shark has a heart!

But, just when you thought she was on the right track she decides to help former felon Gabi (Camila Banus) once again. Will these two join forces for good or evil? That remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. Kate Roberts is a dame to be reckoned with, and could easily make mincemeat out of any competitor half or twice her age.

And just for the record, the beautiful and talented Ms. Koslow is 65 years young!

Days of our Lives airs weekdays during the day on NBC.

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