How is Sonny related to Spencer on General Hospital?

Maurice Benard and Nicolas Bechtel as Sonny and Spencer on General Hospital
General Hospital’s Sonny and Spencer are family. Pic credit: ABC

Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) have shared many scenes over the years. Their bond is something special and when they are together in any capacity, both light up the room. Spencer calls him “Uncle Sonny”, but are they actually related?

Spencer’s mom is Courtney (Alicia Leigh Willis). She was involved in an adulterous affair with Nikolas Cassadine (formerly Tyler Christopher) and the two conceived a son. Initially, it was believed that Jasper Jax (formerly Ingo Rademacher) was Spencer’s father but that was later to be proven untrue.

How are Sonny and Spencer related?

Courtney was proven to be Sonny’s half-sister. While their relationship wasn’t always good, his need to be loyal to his family has been the driving force behind bonding with his nephew. With Spencer losing both parents (Courtney died in 2006 and Nikolas has been missing but presumed death since 2016), it is important for him to know his other family members including Sonny.

Their conversation yesterday sparked plenty of curiosity about the pair. Spencer revealed his part in the election fraud, also mentioning that Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) knew about his actions. Being that his Uncle Sonny is in the mob, he was asking him to “take care” of his nemesis.

Will Sonny confess Spencer’s wrongdoings?

Now that Sonny knows about what his nephew did, he will have to decide whether to inform his legal guardian. Currently, Laura (Genie Francis) is in charge of Spencer. He had been away at boarding school but returned in time to mess up the mayoral election. With everything Laura has going on right now, Sonny may choose to keep his knowledge to himself.

The bond between Uncle Sonny and his nephew, Spencer Cassadine has grown over the years. The actors work well together and their humor and chemistry spill over into their characters.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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