General Hospital’s Leslie Charleson is in good spirits following mishap

Leslie Charleson as Monica on General Hospital.
Leslie Charleson had hand surgery last week. Pic credit: ABC

General Hospital’s leading lady and fan fave, Leslie Charleson, is doing well after undergoing surgery last week.

The alter ego of General Hospital matriarch Monica Quartermaine was on the different side of the hospital bed after undergoing surgery on her hand. The actress shared a picture of herself on the mend and looking very out of place in a hospital bed instead of being on the other side with a stethoscope.

On Facebook, Charleson shared an account of what happened with her fans; “Ooops, I did it again! Just a little hand surgery for a fracture that I got rescuing my tortoise off of a hill side.(sic)”

General Hospital fans will no doubt remember a similar incident that happened to Charleson not too long ago, also involving one of her beloved pets. Back in April of 2018, Charleson took to Twitter inform fans that she hurt herself after tripping over her dog, Riley Rose.

At the time Monica was in a front-burner plot that necessitated an emergency recast. Charleson was unable to work for a bit so the show tapped veteran actress Patty McCormack to inhabit the character of the GH chief of staff.

Charleson resumed taping in July, and in the meantime, McCormack did an admirable job of filling the very impressive set of shoes vacated by Charleson.

There has been no news yet as to whether or not this injury will keep Charleson from taping. She did appear to be doing well right after the surgery, as she attended a General Hospital Fan Club event over the weekend.

At the moment, Monica has been mainly behind the scenes, providing support to her grieving family. She recently lost her grandson Oscar (Garren Stitt), who was living at the Q mansion at the time of his death. Teenage Oscar died of a brain tumor and Monica held the family together through the tragic event.

Get well soon Leslie, your fans are sending nothing but well wishes for a speedy recovery!

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

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